POLITICALITE has been given exclusive information about the current goings on of Britain First and their progress in building what party leader Paul Golding described to us as a ‘political street army’.

Last weekend, in Coventry, Britain First deployed around forty street activists and distributed almost ten thousand leaflets to the public.

Catching-up with Party leader, Gold, he told us that:  ‘Britain First does not publicise its activities, preferring to launch surprise operations instead of appealing for large crowds.’

Paul Golding.

In the last two weeks alone, over one hundred street activists have signed up,’ said Paul Golding.

We’re struggling to process and vet these activists quickly enough, placing them in strong regional teams on Telegram.’

At the height of the social media era before censorship, Britain First enjoyed a support base of almost 3 million patriots worldwide.

Supporters in Coventry.

Paul Golding faces his final prosecution verdict next Thursday in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

Paul and another activist were charged with ‘using insulting words in public’and for distributing leaflets criticising mass immigration.

Britain First held street rallies in Ballymena and attracted hundreds of angry locals, fed-up with the influx of Romanian gypsies into the town.

The police tried to derail the popular campaign and its rallies by prosecuting Paul and slapping him with bail conditions; preventing him from carrying out any political activities in the whole of Northern Ireland.

Britain First are increasing their political activity across the country.

‘The vast majority of the prosecutions and civil cases that have been slowing us down over the last year and a half have ended’ he told us. ‘This summer, we plan a relentless pace of activities all around the country.’

Politicalite will be publishing an in-depth interview with Paul shortly.

To find out more about Paul’s upcoming events, you can check-out his website:


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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    June 2, 2019 at 16:03

    Dear Politicalite

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    Open survey: Your views on immigration?

    Many patriots, Brexiteers and nationalists have different views on immigration to Britain, this is an open survey for everyone to show your specific views on immigration to share on social media.

    Some of the questions may be controversial.

    1. Do you support stopping immigration to Britain completely?

    2. Should Muslim immigration to Britain stop?

    3. Should third world immigration to Britain end?

    4. Should immigration from the Commonwealth (India, Pakistan, Jamaica etc) to Britain end?

    5. Should Britain end the EU’s Freedom of Movement (for EU citizens) after Brexit?

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    7. Should Britain end all new asylum claims?

    8. Is President Donald Trump doing a good job to solving America’s immigration problem?

    9. Is the US government (not President Donald Trump directly) doing a good job combating illegal immigration to America?

    10. Should Britain abolish the Common Travel Area? (An arrangement for Irish and British citizens move freely and reside in either jurisdiction and enjoy associated rights and entitlements. Which also pre-dates Irish and UK membership of the EU and is not dependent on it).

    11. Should there be border controls (hard border) at the border of Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland?

    12. Should Irish citizens in Britain retain the same rights, privileges etc as British citizens after Brexit?

    13. Should EU citizens be removed from Britain after Brexit?

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    15. Should there be a compulsory repatriation of all blacks, Asians and minority ethnics (BAME) from Britain? (even if they are British and European citizens)

    16. Should Britain give asylum and protection to White South Africans?

    17. Should there be quotas on immigration to Britain?

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    19. Should Britain ban all non-whites (including commonwealth) entering Britain?

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    21. Should there be an end to the Schengen Area Agreement? (an open border comprising 26 mainland European states)

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    29. Should all Christians (regardless of race) be allowed unrestricted access to Britain?

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