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EXCLUSIVE: Deal With The Devil – Saudis ‘Cut Deal With al-Qaeda’ In Yemen

Politicalite has previously reported on the financial links between Western governments, their Saudi allies and the terrorist organisations that kill and maim Western civilians indiscriminately. The fact is that there is something of a media blindspot when it comes to reporting the shadier side of the Saudi’s actions which means that although it may occasionally get reported on it is done in such a way as to guarantee that it will not gain maximum exposure.

However, given the above, it should come as little surprise that the Saudis are now implicated in doing deals with Osama Bin Laden’s former organisation, al-Qaeda in Yemen. An investigation by Associated Press found that the Saudis have: “been paying some al-Qaeda commanders to leave key cities and towns while letting others retreat with weapons, equipment, and wads of looted cash.”

Furthermore, hundreds of al-Qaeda members were recruited to join the Saudi-led coalition as soldiers, fighting Iran-aligned Houthi rebels for control in Yemen. What is more, this is all done with the blessing of the US government who are arming the Saudis: “Elements of the US military are clearly aware that much of what the US is doing in Yemen is aiding AQAP and there is much angst about that, Michael Horton, a fellow at the Jamestown Foundation, said. 

‘Victories’ claimed against al-Qaeda have largely been brought rather than won such as in February, when Saudi troops and their Yemeni government fighter allies declared the recapture of al-Said, a district of villages running through the mountainous province of Shabwa – an area al-Qaeda had largely dominated for nearly three years.

Rather than being a towering military victory, however, it was the result of an agreement between the coalition and al-Qaeda members who were promised up to 100,000 Saudi riyals ($26,000) to leave. This story, told by Awad al-Dahboul, the province’s security chief, has been confirmed by the mediator and two Yemeni government officials. It also provided the Saudis with extra fighters – under the accord, thousands of local tribal fighters were to be enlisted in the UAE-funded Shabwa Elite Force militia. For every 1,000 fighters, 50 to 70 would be al-Qaeda members. 

The House Of Saud is the biggest exporter of Islamic terrorism in the Middle East yet still it is feted by the West. Ponder if you will the potential implications of that……

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