EXCLUSIVE: Generation Identity Activists Targeted In Wrexham

The tide of left-wing violence targeting all shades of opposition is a rising one. Earlier in the year we saw the shutdown of a hustings in the Lewisham East By-Election specifically aimed at ‘No Platforming’ both For Britain and UKIP. 

Jacob Rees-Mogg and disgustingly his family were targeted and only yesterday we reported on how a UKIP stall was smashed to bits. Also yesterday, the Identitarian Generation Identity were attacked in Wrexham.

This is the eyewitness account from a GI member:

“On Saturday the 27th of October, activists from Generation Identity UK visited Wrexham with the intention of distributing winter clothing to the homeless. Having several members local to the town, we are aware that a number of homeless people are frequently visiting the town centre and seem to receive minimal attention. Whilst loose change and a sandwich are appreciated, they fail to make a lasting difference. With the winter chill already setting in, we decided that a gift of gloves, scarves and woolly hats would make a more meaningful, and long-term, difference.

As is customary for GI, we announced that we’d be present in Wrexham over the weekend. We do this to arrange meetings with interested parties and those applying to join. We were soon made aware of the fact that there would be some kind of counter-demonstration. What, precisely, they intended to protest was not clear (we hadn’t mentioned our plans for the weekend or, for that matter, where we’d be meeting). In today’s political climate, we’re accustomed to hysteria and moral panic and thought little of it.

On the day, we planned to meet in the late morning in a central Wetherspoons. However, we quickly determined that we’d been pursued by a spotter and therefore relocated to another pub. Once we were all together we realised additional spotters had also pursued us to the new location. Undaunted, we resolved that we’d get the winter clothing distributed one way or another. As soon as we left the pub, we were followed by several far-left agitators who immediately began hurling the usual abuse at us. This was a bizarre spectacle, but we took it with good humour.

After a brief walk, we came across some homeless gentleman and offered them some clothing. Despite announcements from our Antifa friends that we were both ‘Nazis’ and ‘fascists’, the gentleman took the clothing and thanked us. We then attempted to reason with the Antifa who were pursuing us and quickly realised that this was folly. We moved on through the town searching for more homeless people to assist when, suddenly, a group of twenty or so people emerged in an ambush-like fashion.

They were being led by the local Plaid Cymru councillor, Marc Jones. I personally approached Marc, explaining that we were perfectly free to engage in this lawful activity when and where we pleased. He ignored me and unleashed his followers on Generation Identity’s activists. They targeted members bearing the winter clothing. One member took a chair to the back of the head, one was repeatedly punched, and another was kicked. As is our custom, we held our ground, attempted de-escalation and, when all other options had been exhausted us, defended ourselves with proportionate and minimal force. We then quickly regrouped and resolved to seek out police officers who had previously been seen at the town centre.

A number of locals had seen the skirmish, some of whom had young children. We had a duty of care to put an end to the violence as quickly as possible. The police quickly realised who the trouble-makers were and separated us; handing out dispersal orders. They informed us that arrests had been made and that much of the incident had been caught on CCTV. One officer even expressed the view that ‘they can’t help who’s elected.’ Perhaps indicating that this violent thug, Marc Jones, already has a reputation amongst local law enforcement.

So, what to take from all this? First of all, there are now a number of homeless people in Wrexham who will much colder tonight. That’s the ironic ‘victory’ of this mob of violent leftists, all they’ve done is cause more suffering for the ‘proletariat.’ In addition, it demonstrated that GI activists, even those who are very young, held their ground, conducted themselves like men and with dignity; operating within the law and the interests of the local community. The violence of the far-left is becoming increasingly common and brazen, and law enforcement seems either impotent or reluctant to put an end to it.

Whilst I gave my own statement, a police officer asked me if I’d return to Wrexham or whether I’d been effectively put off from returning. I explained that, whilst herself and other officers had reacted professionally, the far-left would see our dispersal order as a victory. I explained further that, should we fail to return, violent hooligans will have ultimately prevailed over rule of law, democracy and common sense. I told her enthusiastically that we’d return and soon.

Generation Identity knows fully well that we face great and often daunting challenges. But our mantra is, quite simply, ‘if not us, who?’ For The public, however, they need to decide whether Britain’s streets should become war zones or whether local authorities should clamp down on far-left violence. The choice is theirs.”

One of the attackers was detained by the police:

The involvement of a Plaid Cymru councillor is barely surprising as the Parliamentary wing of the left frequently eggs on its extra-Parliamentary footsoldiers. Figures such as John McDonnell, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, have openly advocated for confrontations with the right on the streets. However, the real question is when the Government will take action against this assualt on our democracy – the French government at least took a step-forward recently with it’s Senate passing a bill that targets Antifa. How long will it be before our government follows suit?

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