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EXCLUSIVE: Islamic ‘Terrorists’ Launch ATTACK on Tommy Robinson campaign rally

AN ISLAMIC Terror attack took place in Oldham yesterday after dozens of members from the MDF or ‘Muslim Defence League’ attacked large groups and families in their own homes who turned up to watch a campaign rally by North West MEP candidate Tommy Robinson.

Mr Robinson was rushed away from the scene with a police escort and heavy security after successfully holding speaking to a crowd who had turned up, all whilst groups of radical gangs of Muslims hurled bricks, giant mass rocks, stones, metal pipes.

The pre-planned attack was exposed after internet footage of the groups appeared on social media and showed one of the alleged ringleaders of the ‘MDF’ walking their way to attack the Robinson campaign event, with young children being forced to be evacuated from the scene as the thugs tried to break police lines and attack crowds of Tommy Robinson supporters.

The ‘terrorists’ marched to the venue whilst shouting “Allah Akbar” and described themselves as the “Muslim Defence League”, video footage shows the group on their way to the scene.

MDL (Muslim Defence League), who today attacked innocent families Infront of their homes and attacked one man in front of his home.

The members of the MDL were from places as far away as Huddersfield and were not believed to be locals./

Activist Danny Tommo was on scene along with Politicalite, he said: “They threw rocks, broke cars, attacked a house with an elderly lady inside who thought she was going to die.”

Police rushed in to try to protect the people on the streets and children were forced to be evacuated from the scene.

We also heard suspected ‘gunshots’ and two people were reportedly stabbed, but Officers dismissed reports of someone being stabbed as false and say only vehicles were damaged.

Chief Superintendent Neil Evans said: ‘Everyone has the right to free speech and we will always do our best to facilitate this so people can exercise this right in a safe environment. ‘This evening, people took advantage of this and turned to violence, throwing objects including eggs and bricks. ‘We understand that many of those involved were not from Oldham. Whoever is responsible, this behaviour will not be tolerated by Greater Manchester Police, our partners or the people of Oldham. ‘Fortunately, no-one was seriously hurt and damage was only caused to vehicles.

Now the incident has come to a close and people in the area have dispersed, our attention turns to the investigation into the circumstances that surround it. ‘Those involved can expect to be arrested and dealt with robustly.’ ‘We are working very closely with our partners and communities and are determined that the cohesion in Oldham is not damaged by today’s events.’

More follows. 


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1 Comment

  1. Oingo boingo

    May 19, 2019 at 02:57

    Muslims are nothing but rabid fucking animals that need to be out down, like the filthy mutt’s they are!

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