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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Anti-Trumpers Spread Jew-Hate And Call Churchill ‘WHITE SUPREMACIST”

PHOTOS captured by Politicalite contributor Kevin Frost have showed an even darker side to the anti-Trump demonstrations in London – scenes that the mainstream media intentionally chose to ignore. 

Kevin took the snaps whilst attending the mass demonstration in Trafalgar Square, where hordes of foaming-at-the-mouth fascists parading as anti-fascists were filmed attacking elderly citizens and, as Politicalite can exclusively reveal, promoting anti-semitic hate.

“They all work for Rothschild” said one of the signs, accompanied by an image of Mr. Burns.

“Amazingly there were news crews from around the world and photographers everywhere, and yet no one seems to have reported this” Kevin told Politicalite.

“By adding the character of Mr Burns it looks like he or she was attacking wealth as well so would definitely appear to be a placard directed as the Jewish community. There appears to be a Palestinian flag attached to it, although it maybe someone behind as they were freely giving them out.

“I heard one announcer even telling crowds to wave the flags in the air for the tv helicopters to see (but she was unaware there was a flight exclusion zone and the only helicopters were the Police ones!)”

Referring to the vile labeling of Churchill as a ‘white supremacist’, Kevin said: “It’s amazing that no-one picked up on the image at such a sensitive time for D-day commemorations. There were literally photographers standing almost next to the girl holding that banner.  On the flip side of her banner she called the police institutionally racist, so she really was trying for peak virtue-signalling that day.”

Lefties also promoted further ‘milkshake attacks’ on Conservative thinkers.

Vile language was used on many of the signs, in full display of nearby children.

Confused anti-Trumpers call Trump Hitler – on the day he visited to commemorate the war against fascism.

Anti-Zionists also turned-out in force.

A young girl holds a sign calling Winston Churchill a white supremacist. This was also shouted out by many in attendance.

A A disrespectful effigy made a prominence appearance throughout the hate-filled rally.

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