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EXPOSED: Man Suing Boris Spent Donations On Cakes And LUXURY Apartment

MARCUS BALL, the democracy-denying man who raised over a quarter of a million pounds from members of the public to launch a politically-motivated law suit against Brexiteer Boris Johnson, spent a large chunk of the money to fund his luxurious lifestyle, it has been revealed. 

Ball, of Norwich, raised the cash to pursue the prosecution through a number of websites over the past two years.

Yet despite promising that the money collected from hard-working members of the public would be spent entirely on the ridiculous court case, his own spending report has revealed that he spent £47,000 of the money on himself, including paying himself a salary of more than £36,000 over the combined two years.


Ball also spent more than £6,000 on renting a luxury flat in London’s upmarket Canary Wharf, hundred on CUPCAKES for his team, and lost another £1,250 of the public’s money after forfeiting his deposit on the flat after declaring that it wasn’t good enough for him.

‘I needed a new place to live in London anyway’ said Ball, ‘so I chose a building which had… a fitness facilities on site. I worked and lived there almost every day for 6 months. I didn’t really need to leave very often.’

He added: ‘Some people may criticise me for spending so much on rent, but I don’t regret this decision.’

A similar luxury pad in London’s affluent Canary Wharf.

Regarding the deposit, he added: ‘I had suddenly changed my mind about continuing to live and work there and so ended up losing my deposit.’

‘My judgement was not good and I made a mistake. I apologise to my backers for this mismanagement of funds. It was a stupid thing to do.’

His finances also reveal he spent £540 on self-defence classes and equipment, while another £210 was spent on branded ‘Brexit Justice’ cupcakes sent out as a ‘thank you’ to his legal team.

The cupcake con-artist seeks to have Boris Johnson prosecuted over a slogan written on the side of a Vote Leave bus during the referendum, despite the slogan (unlike Ball) making no promises, but merely suggesting how money saved by not having to pay EU membership fees would be better spent on the NHS.

The Vote Leave campaign bus.

Ball’s specific reason for the legal case is that he claims that Johnson and the Vote Leave campaign lied in an effort to deceive the public for their own political aims. 

Yet Ball’s hypocrisy was laid bare after it was revealed that he had quickly deleted another online crowdfunding venture raising money to “stop Brexit” – after lying in several public interviews, stating that his legal case against Boris Johnson was NOT politically-motivated and that he didn’t want to reverse Brexit. 

Now however, thanks to this startling new information coming to light, the public can see who the REAL liar is. 

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