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FAKE NEWS: Newspaper Told to ‘Get Out More’ After Claiming Black People ‘More Likely To Be Homeless’

A LOCAL Newspaper was mocked by its readership after claiming that black people were six times more likely to be homeless, despite white homeless folk sleeping rough on its own doorstep. 

The Bolton News, that is struggling to survive after years ignoring the locals in the Lancashire town was mercilessly ridiculed online after making the ridiculous claim. 

The paper wrote: “Black people more than 6 times more likely to be homeless in Bolton than other ethnicities”, adding “The government data suggests black people are more likely to be homeless.” – but the Governments own 2011 Census data proves the ‘facts’ to be total fake news. 

Readers were quick to correct the newspaper’s claims.

Liam ‘Gilly’ Gilmore hit back: “What absolute bu****it that is!!!! Every homeless person I ever see in Bolton is White British!?!?” 

Lauren O’gorman said: “Labeling people again why label people as colours? We’re all human why use a colour in a head line stop dividing people.” 

The local mother added: “Why don’t you go out your office and speak individually to these people on are streets and make a report on how mental health professions and social workers, and government have failed people before they’ve ended up in streets and , why they’ve ended up in this situation in the first place ? Sit and talk to these people 100 percent will get feed back that these people wanted help or want help stead of making reports on colour?”

Martin Owens said: “BEN [Bolton Evening News] you need to get out more because we haven’t seen any, what a crap piece of journalism”

Cath Parmar “You have wrote some dribble in your time.. but this has got to be your worse yet.. you seriously need to reread what you think is acceptable to publish..”

Sarah Vickers said: “Your office is in town – when was the last time you actually WALKED AROUND.”

“This can be managed and maintain distancing. Lazy journalism with provocative click bait strap lines.”

The report was pure fake news, as statistically, black people can’t be more likely to be homeless than white people, as the whites account for 79.4% of people living in Bolton compared to just 1.2% for blacks, according to the 2011 Census.

The Bolton News have been approached for comment. 

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