EXCLUSIVE: Fakestream Media And Left-Wing Press Unite To Back Alleged Women Beater Hedley

THE LEFT and mainstream media certainly have got themselves worked up over the alleged assault by ‘Tommy Robinson & Donald Trump Fans/Supporters’ on Steve Hedley, Senior Assistant General Secretary of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT). Most reports, like the one in The Sun, repeat without scrutiny the version of events put forward by Mr Hedley and claim that the violence was a premeditated attack on the union boss in the Westminster Arms pub. Of course, Hope Not Hate et el, were all over covering this ‘unprovoked’ attack on Mr Hedley.

However, earlier in the day, Mr Hedley, addressing the counterdemonstration opposed to the Free Tommy one taking place on the same day, made a speech saying that whenever ‘fascists’ appeared, the “organised working class would batter them down again”. Speaking after the incident, Hedley claimed there were “many casualties on both sides” but “if it was a points decision they came off worse”.

Hedley is also at the centre of serious allegations of domestically abusing his ex-partner. Caroline Leneghan, a member of the RMT and assistant Branch Secretary of an RMT branch, wrote in 2013: “Until recently I was in a relationship with the RMT Assistant General Secretary Steve Hedley. During the relationship, I experienced physical and mental domestic violence which made me feel hopeless to challenge. In January I reported a violent assault to the police that took place the previous year. On this occasion, he kicked a pot of paint at me, threw me around by my hair and pinned me to the floor repeatedly punching me in the face. The extent of my injuries meant I couldn’t go out for weeks. I had severe bruising and swelling to my face and body and he had pulled out clumps of my hair. I have decided to make a public statement about this because of his public position in the union and because I want to encourage other women to come forward who have faced similar abuse.”

She continued to say that she believed Mr Hedley would continue to “perpetuate” abuse and is a “threat” to female members. Hedley attempted to discredit Leneghan by claiming her photographic evidence was “dubious” but even a senior RMT official was forced to conclude there was “still a case to answer” despite the matter not proceeding to court.

The police have, at the time of writing, made no appeals for witnesses or attempted to pursue or prosecute Mr Hedley’s assailants. This inactivity on the part of the police along with the above means at the very least we need to be circumspect about the claims made in the mainstream media which has its own agenda to discredit Tommy supporters and this growing movement at every turn.

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