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FAR LEFT HOOK: Labour activist ‘assaulted’ disabled member for criticising Momentum

A FAR Left Momentum activist has reportedly attacked a disabled Member of the Labour party after they criticised Momentum.

Chris Stonehouse, who tweets as @chrisasabutton has allegedly assaulted the Disabilities Officer for his local Labour party branch, David Eyles, according to this report in the Daily Mail 

Chris Stonehouse

Stonehouse, who has a history of using abusive language on Twitter yet miraculously appears to have escaped having his account suspended allegedly assaulted Eyles.

The man he allegedly attacked has a fragile spine and neck, and after he challenged Stonehouse over where Momentum gets its funding and saying he was loyal to the party not to any faction. Eyles has spinal stenosis with a steel plate in his neck limiting his movement.

David Eyles – the alleged Labour assault victim

Stonehouse vehemently denied hitting Eyles whom he said told him to ‘f*** off’ four times. Tempers flared at the local Labour pub quiz at The Beehive in Labour MP Neil Coyle’s South London constituency of Bermondsey a week ago. The Metropolitan Police confirmed officers had been called to the pub.

Of course, had this incident taken place at a UKIP branch meeting it would be front page news in the Guardian highlighted to promote their narrative that the Right is inherently violent. In fact, as has been proven time and time again, the very opposite is true.

In fact, as has been proven time and time again, the very opposite is true.

From the historical gulags of Stalin’s USSR, to ”Antifa” in the West today and an excusatory attitude from the Left towards Islamic terrorism and incitement to Jihad, the Left has proven itself to be consistently intolerant and violent while appeasing and apologising for the violence of its allies.

In fact, in 2016 the American Journal of Political Science published a correction stating that a paper they had previously published in 2012 entitled ”The Relationship Between Personality Traits and Political Ideologies” had “an error” — and that it is liberal political beliefs, not conservative ones, which are actually linked to psychoticism.
“The interpretation of the coding of the political attitude items in the descriptive and preliminary analyses portion of the manuscript was exactly reversed,” the Journal stated in their startling correction.

“The descriptive analyses report that those higher in Eysenck’s psychoticism are more conservative, but they are actually more liberal; and where the original manuscript reports those higher in neuroticism and social desirability are more liberal, they are, in fact, more conservative.”

In the paper, psychoticism is associated with traits such as tough-mindedness, risk-taking, sensation-seeking, impulsivity and authoritarianism.

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