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FARAGE V ROBINSON: A Question Of Class

This morning brought the revelation that Nigel Farage launched another off-air attack on Tommy Robinson. It was reported that during his on-air ruckus with Steve Bannon he burst out “everyone hates Tommy”.

Well, maybe they do in the circles that Mr Farage mixes in but certainly they don’t in working class circles where Mr Robinson is a hero.

Furthermore, demonstrations in support of Tommy have had a strong working class contingent in Britain and across the world.

People will explain Nigel’s comments politically but I think there are more base motives. It is true, for example, that Nigel has generally pushed a ‘soft’ line on Islam but this hasn’t stopped him feteing stringent critics of Islam like Lauren Southern.

Mr Farage did not just defend Ms Southern but also invited her to speak at the European Parliament. Ms Southern is no shrinking violet when it comes to Islam as can be seen below:

So, there must be a deeper reason for the contempt Nigel clearly feels for Tommy. It’s personal not political. I think it is jealousy and class. Obviously, Tommy has become something of a cult figure in Britain, stealing Nigel’s limelight .

This is one difference between Tommy and Lauren and it is part of the explanation in the different attitude Nigel takes to them both. She is obviously not British in her orientation though she is well known on the ‘scene’ on the British patriotic right she is obviously not a direct competitor to Nigel. Tommy Robinson, on the other hand, obviously is. He is also a direct competitor for Nigel’s working class base.

Class wise, Mr Farage is an ex-City boy with a background in finance and Tommy is clearly a working class lad. Meanwhile, Lauren Southern completed two years at University  studying political science and Tommy wanted to study aircraft engineering. Again, Lauren Southern has more in common with Nigel Farage class wise and she gets his praise and recognition. Tommy meanwhile is dismissed by Nigel and spat upon along with his supporters.

We have seen the difference in atititude cannot have a political root as Lauren Southern and Tommy Robinson take an almost indentical approach to the question of Islam – Both Tommy and Lauren have been smeared by the mainstream media but only one seems to be worthy of Nigel’s time and defence.

Sadly, I think it is that crass and base. Nothing else to my mind explains the level of personal virtol nor the inconsistencies in the approach Nigel has taken to Lauren Southern and Tommy Robinson. It is class hatred from a self-proclaimed ‘man of the people’ who has decided to turn on those people now they are expressing views that he himself does not like something he has, ironically but also correctly, criticised the establishment for doing over Brexit. This prejeudice is blinding Nigel to the political implications of Tommy’s imprisonment and frankly he is making a fool of himself.

It is time for him to reflect, pause and ponder exactly why he has the feelings he does and if in fact his motives for speaking out are as pure as he thinks they are.

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