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FIGHTING BIG TECH: We’re Suing The Censors – Help Us Fight Back!


FORMER United States President Donald J. Trump announced his plan to sue Twitter and Facebook over censorship – and now Politicalite is joining the fightback and we need you! 

We’ve faced censorship and de-platforming for years thanks to Big Tech who are behind the censoring of many major politicians and political commentators – even Politicalite had accounts banned on Facebook and Twitter losing a combined following of over 60,000 people. 

Our Facebook page with over 40,000 likes was banned in 2019 and our Twitter account with 17.5k Followers was purged months after Trump lost the election – simply for reporting the truth and backing those denied a voice. 

For the past year, we’ve been working on a legal case to claim damages and loss of income from Big Tech masters who have restricted our growth – it’s a long and difficult process but we’re almost there! 

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Mr Trump announced his move to take legal action at a press conference in New Jersey in July – and thanks to that, we have an even better chance at winning. 

If he wins the move could force Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to pay out to others in compensation due to financial losses inflicted on companies who had their potential reach halted in undemocratic censorship moves. 

“We’re demanding an end to the shadow banning, a stop to the silencing, a stop to the blacklisting, vanishing and canceling,” Trump said at his Bedminister Golf Club. 

He added: “We are asking the court to impose punitive damages.”

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NBC News reported that Mr Trump argued that the suspension of his social media accounts amounts to an impingement on the First Amendment’s guarantee that speech won’t be curtailed by the government.

“The Founding Fathers inscribed this right in the very first amendment to our constitution because they knew that free speech is essential to the prevention of, look … the prevention of horror,” said Trump, who called the case a “pivotal battle” for the right to free speech.

Trump is filing the suit as a class action instead of simply on his own behalf, contending that the social media platforms should not enact limits on other conservative users.

We now need you more than ever! To help us FIGHT BIG TECH and Stay Online.

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There is no alternative, other than one—our army of readers and fans.


POLITICALITE joined the ranks of former President Donald J. Trump after having its Twitter account suspended by the anti-free speech overlords at Twitter.- we were forced to create a new account but our reach is crushed.

Earlier this year our social media team logged on to Twitter, ready to share some of Politicalite‘s stories to our more than 17,000 followers – only to find out that our account had been suspended with no reason on the suspension given. 

UKIP blasted Twitter, Adam Garrie, Culture & Free Speech spokesman told Politicalite: “The censorship of one person anywhere is a threat to free speech everywhere. The Techtatorship cannot erase one thousand years of English liberty without facing the liability associated with publishers who exclude and curate content.”

“UKIP will fight for free speech as a matter of absolute principle, one that cannot be negotiated away by anyone, to anyone.”

Its not the first time Twitter has attacked Politicalite and the free-press. 

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In January 2021, Steve Laws – a citizen Journalist for Politicalite who helped to “expose the truth” on the migrant landings on the shores in Dover in 2020 was censored on Twitter amid a crackdown on right-wing accounts by the Big Tech overlords.

Laws, 29 who is a former Politicalite video journalist and a freelance cameraman was banned from Twitter and had his videos censored on YouTube.

He exposed the ongoing migrant crisis in Dover and had his videos featured on Politicalite, Sky News and the BBC. 

Steve, 29 exclusively told Politicalite: “‘I’ve not had any emails from Twitter at all and my YouTube video got pulled.”

“I did a live stream that got cut after 4 minutes but haven’t received any emails about that at all yet.” 

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A Personal Interview with Steve Laws - PRODUCED & PAID FOR BY Daemonlinks Ltd. - YouTube

“I’ve not received any reason yet, I went through the appeal process so ill see if they get back to me.” said Steve. 

He was also arrested by Kent Police and held before a planned protest about illegal immigration by Kent Police last year. 

The case was brought to the attention of Republican Congressman for Arizona Paul Gosar, who described the case as “Very Soviet of the UK.”


TWITTER was also embroiled in a political free-speech row in February after removing verification from the British political party UKIP. 

Footage leaked by Project Veritas exposed Twitter boss Jack Dorsey threatening to censor more conservatives as part of a ‘much broader approach’ following the permanent suspension of US President Donald Trump.

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That threat became a reality after UKIP’s blue tick was removed without warning, with no reason given to party bosses.

“Twitter have for some reason unverified us just now, we are trying to get to the bottom of it.” a UKIP source told Politicalite. 

The blue tick was restored after Politicalite’s article.

After the Trump ban, thousands of patriots and pro-Trump supporters also had their accounts suspended, and other accounts lost thousands of Twitter followers overnight, including Politicalite

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Twitter still gives a blue verified badge to Hassan Rouhani, the authoritarian leader of Iran that kills gay people and has a horrific human rights record. 

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey once claimed that his platform “stood for freedom of expression’.

In 2015, the once free-speech promoting CEO tweeted that Twitter “stood for freedom of expression.

Dorsey tweeted: “Twitter stands for freedom of expression, We stand for speaking truth to power, and we stand for empowering dialogue.”

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It did, until it started banning people, news outlets and presidents for ‘wrong-think.’