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THE MARCH ON MANCHESTER: Thousands of #FreeTommy protesters bring Manchester to a halt

THOUSANDS of patriotic Brits headed to Manchester yesterday to fight the states jailing of Right Wing Activist and Journalist Tommy Robinson.

On the way into Manchester I was nervous, Sat in the car at the traffic lights i pondered… Could I or my friends be next?

Politicalite, along with other Alternative News websites such as Kipper Central, MBGA/Red Pill and the Unity News Network have been helping to spread the truth on Tommy’s wrongful imprisonment and on social media we have had a reach of over 20m people.

That astonishing figure alone shows that no Establishment Judge can hide the truth from the British public. They have an appetite to find out what’s really going on in this country.

You see, that’s the problem for the Establishment and I actively felt unsafe in my homeland. How sad is that? I was afraid of my own Government. A British Government.

As we arrived at the meeting point at All Saints Park, there was a sea of union flags and a wide range of people from multiple races.

They came out in force to attend an event that was originally planned as a silent March for the 22 victims of the Terror attack that woke Britain up to the peril we face.

Despite calls from organizers, the FLA Lads could not hold in their passion, and simmering anger at recent events. Despite some in the press branding these working class lads and girls as “thugs” for marching with “disrespect” I have only one thing to say…

Why should the people of Britain stay silent on the issue of Radical Islam and the silencing of one of the only original political voices that brought this to our attention? So the smear of “Disrespect” is a fallacy, as it would be disrespectful to stay silent at the appeasement of the enemy within.

Despite recent criticisms from the public – Greater Manchester Police on the ground did a superb job of protecting both the FLA and VAT from Anti-fascist thugs.

There were several arrests and one racial incident that I witnessed. Many FLA lads who saw the incident came to the aid of an innocent black man watching from the sidelines.

The prize idiot who racially abused him does not represent this movement and he was rightfully arrested by GMP.

I considered omitting that from the article but I have always vowed to be honest and if we want the Mainstream Media to be honest about us, we have have to honest with ourselves and root out racist hooligans from the movement.

The crowd marched through Manchester there were short bursts from the requested silence. Ripples of “Ohhhh Tommy Tommy!” Kept bursting from the crowd.

There was also a look of shock from the observing public at the sheer size and scale of the #FreeTommy and FLA movement fighting against the Islamification of the United Kingdom.

As the crowd reached The Hilton Hotel tunnel and entered darkness, a huge burst of sound erupted. It was the name of our hero, Tommy and it was a metaphor for the darkness we currently face.

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