FREE TOMMY: The Welfare Of The People Is No Longer A Supreme Right

“THE WELFARE of the people is a supreme right.”

That’s the quote painted on the grand ceiling of Britain’s Old Bailey In Central London.

Politicalite attended the Trial of Mr Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley Lennon to cover the latest attempt by the British state to silence one the countries most popular political figures.

To highlight the absurdity of the trial, Robinson is currently vying to be the North West’s MEP in the upcoming European Elections – yet Britain’s Establishment is now trying to stop that from happening by forcing Tommy to stand a RE-trial of allegations of ‘Contempt Of Court’ after he reported on the case of Muslim grooming gangs and was jailed last summer.

Tommy is winning the hearts and minds of the British working class, and his huge campaign events on left behind council estates across the North West are proof Robinson is likely to win a seat as an MEP.

Refusing to be deterred – Robinson, 36 rocked up to court with a crowd of thousands and turned the event into a Trump-style campaign rally with *literal* media bashing and a true sense of revolution in the air.

Tommy is becoming a major political force, the events on Tuesday and how the crowd reacted was proof of that.

Ezra Levant of The Rebel Media – one of Robinson’s allies flew in from Canada to try to free the British from what he sees as “a time machine into the future” of what could happen in his native Canada.

Levant crowdfunded to bring dozens of independent media figures to come along to report on the case without the leftist Media view, and working-class Politicalite was one of them.

Mr Robinson has already been hounded by Britain’s court system and now Tommy is set to face a re-trial on July 4th… but why that date? Because if he wins and becomes an MEP – that would the day he would be set to walk into the European Parliament.

He’s already been hounded by the court system, but why is this one man so important? It’s simple. It’s about every person like him.

Tommy is a normal down to earth working-class lad whose perseverance has paid off.

He’s passionate about what he believes in and he has every right to be able to hold his views – hugely popular views, and has a right to challenge radical Islam, frankly – he’s the only politician prepared to do so. Despite this – the Establishment wants to shift the balance of power away from Robinson in every way they possibly can.

Tommy has been fighting against issues that working class people care about for decades.

He’s galvanized thousands of young, old, poor, rich, black and white to stand up against the utter betrayal of the British people by the British establishment, but the British people’s welfare it seems is no longer a supreme right.

More follows. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bruce

    May 16, 2019 at 06:31

    This is not a comment for publication as you will see it is for Tommy Robinson

    I have been following Tommy Robinson for some time and consider for the safety of the UK the hierarchy should be protecting him, perhaps even providing a VIP SecDet for him because if he is harmed I have concerns for the stability of the UK.
    My thoughts on the Double Jeopardy issue which has been reported as legal in the UK but certainly not in Australia. I present the following as a line of argument in relation to his court appearance on 4 Jul.
    In the UK if someone was convicted of murder (without the body being found) and was set free after issues with the processes in the murder trial and later the person was found alive and he was re charged with murder because he still needed to be tried because he was set free due to the incorrect processes this would be considered an absolute nonsense.
    In Tommy Robinson’s case the initial processes were outlandish and he has been set free. He was in contempt of court as his actions could have prejudiced the case. Now after we know his actions didn’t prejudice the case this is similar to the above murder case example. The initial concerns were prejudicing the case and we know that didn’t happen therefore it is a nonsense to conduct a retrial.
    I am praying that justice will be served and I have sent this to various people who possibly have the capacity to pass this info to Tommy Robinson or his legal associates.

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