FRIDAYS FOR FREEDOM: New Danish Movement Calls For ABOLISHMENT of Lockdowns

A NEW movement calls for the abolishment of lockdowns and coronavirus restrictions with weekly demonstrations. 

Fridays For Freedom is the name of a new movement founded in Copenhagen, Denmark. The movement seeks to unite the many citizens that have had enough of coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions. 

Each Friday, the movement demonstrates in front of the Danish parliament. The demonstrations will continue until all lockdowns and restrictions are lifted completely. Fridays For Freedom had their first demonstration on the 9th of October. 

In the coming weeks and months, Fridays For Freedom are seeking to do demonstrations abroad in other countries as well. 

The stated goal of Fridays For Freedom is to give a proper and factual alternative to the many conspiracy theory movements that dominate the debate about the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions. As such, conspiracy theorists are not welcome in the movement.

20-year-old university student Claes Theilgaard is the founder of the movement. Theilgaard is the former editor-in-chief of the Danish online newspaper 180Grader. During the coronavirus pandemic, he has been a prominent critic of the political measures and restrictions, often featured in Danish media. 

Claes Theilgaard

“Fridays For Freedom is a movement that seeks to unite people in a peaceful and sensible rebellion against the extensive coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions that we have been forced to live under for most of 2020. This fight for freedom is way too important to be neglected or left for conspiracy theorists”, Claes Theilgaard says. 

“As a movement we fully acknowledge that coronavirus is a new and especially dangerous disease that we need to take seriously. However, we believe that even during a pandemic, there should be limits to how much power politicians are allowed to exercise over us citizens. With Fridays For Freedom, we don’t claim to have the final solution to the coronavirus pandemic. We simply want to be a serious movement for the big and severely overlooked group of people that have had enough”, he adds. 

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