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GERMANY RIOTS: East Germany braces for anti-Merkel protests after two of her Migrants KILL German-Cuban man

GERMANY is bracing for more riots and protests tonight following the murder of a German-Cuban man who was allegedly killed by two of Angela Merkel’s Migrants.

Police have arrested Iraqi Yousif Ibrahim A, 22, and Syrian Alaa S, 23, over the stabbing of Mixed Race Daniel Hillig, 35. He was a carpenter and he leaves a wife.

The Iraqi suspect in the murder case had avoided deportation and had a huge criminal record.

He had received a suspended seven-months jail term for assault and been charged with other offences, including drug trafficking, fraud and property damage.

He was a trained barber and he arrived in Germany in 2015, the peak year of the influx that brought over one million Muslim migrants to Germany.

Right-wing Pediga and the AfD – Alternative for Deutschland (Germany) – plan to challenge German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s immigration policies in the East German city, Chemnitz, where Daniel’s murder sparked riots.

Saxony state police said they would be backed by reinforcements from five other states and federal police, after being heavily outnumbered by thousands of angry locals fed up with Merkel’s open-door migrant policy.

AfD leader Alexander Gauland told Die Welt that “migration is destroying the feeling that you can trust your neighbour”.

The AfD and other anti-immigration groups have called for another major protest Saturday, with a “silent march” planned for the stabbing victim in Chemnitz, an AfD party stronghold.

Police in Saxony have backed the people they protect and they leaked an arrest warrant to PEGIDA and other groups, who shared it on social media.


Sputnik reported that Daniel was stabbed 25 times and died in hospital. The victim is said to have been a local resident of German-Cuban origin, who was a trained carpenter, he leaves a wife.

Two of his friends were also seriously injured and admitted to hospital. The authorities earlier called the incident a “dispute between several people of different nationalities.”

The police were initially reluctant to release information about the suspects, including their nationality.

Chemnitz is in Saxony, a region where the patriotic right-wing, anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party and the Pegida movement are particularly strong. They despise Mrs Merkel’s open-door immigration policy.

Merkel, who was widely criticized for opening Germany’s borders to 800,000 migrants in 2016 blamed the ‘Far Right’ and not her open-door policy that has caused major divisions in Germany.

Social Media reports that the two migrants were ‘sexually harassing’ a girl, before Daniel interveined — Politicalite cannot verify this claim.

The two migrants are now both in police custody.

A video later appeared on social media from an account that has since been suspended, but Politicalite was sent a copy.

The video showed a male German protester claiming that Angela Merkel had ‘jammed’ signals in Chemnitz – meaning no live broadcasts of the protests on the 27th August could be broadcasted to social media.

The man claimed that Article 5 of the German Constitution says that “No Censorship” shall be applied.

He added, “Merkel even banned my Twitter in Germany for reporting on Refugee attacks.”

See the video below.

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