GET HELP: These Are The First Signs of Gambling Addiction

CasinoGuardian is a website where people can find accurate content about the gambling industry in the UK.

The website provides the latest news from this sector alongside comprehensive information regarding various casino games, payment methods, and gaming operators.

Their latest infographic tackles a bit darker subject, that of gambling addiction and the symptoms it comes with. Casino Guardian considers this an important subject to tackle. No person can escape from the grip of pathological gambling without recognising their behaviour is problematic in the first place.

Identifying the signs of addiction is the first step on the path towards recovery. The trouble with this form of compulsive behaviour is that its symptoms are easy to overlook. The infographic aims to illustrate the different stages a person with this problem goes through.

Among the first signs of gambling addiction is the urge to recklessly expose higher and higher amounts to risk. CasinoGuardian explains this with the way gambling affects the brain’s chemistry and more particularly, the functioning of neurotransmitters like dopamine. Over time, the gambler needs greater stimuli to achieve the same effect of reward.

If this continues for some time, addiction begins to take hold of the individual. Such persons are prone to denying there is a problem. They prefer to keep their gambling activities and expenditures secretive out of fear family and friends would disapprove.

Another common symptom is the preoccupation with gambling. This is all the pathological gambler is thinking about and craving. Such people find reasons to skip work or school which gradually leads to job loss and other repercussions.

As you progress through the infographic, you will see how this condition escalates outside the control of the affected. This process is associated with more serious symptoms such as borrowing, theft, failed attempts to stop, mental health issues, and even physical decline.


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