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GO HOME THEN! Migrant Mob Housed by Taxpayer PROTEST in Kent



ILLEGAL Migrants who entered Britain via the backdoor held a massive protest at Army barracks in which the free-loading louts are housed, fed and watered, at the expense of the British taxpayer.

They have now gone on ‘hunger strike’ and are sleeping outdoors in protest at conditions inside, despite being fed, heated, watered and clothed by the taxpayer since their arrival in the UK.

Asylum seekers shout 'freedom' during protest outside Army barracks | Cumnock Chronicle

The migrant mob gathered outside the barbed wire-topped fence on Tuesday chanting “freedom!” and waving banners, and ignoring social-distancing guidelines.

Kent Police were forced to police the protest in Folkestone, Kent, at around midday on Tuesday and did not stop the migrant louts, despite heavy-handed action on anti-Illegal Immigration protesters last year.


Several police officers were also present outside the entrance as the protest went on.

Migrant charity Care4Calais claims conditions within are “cramped and unsafe”.

We are victims, not criminals': Asylum seekers protest conditions in military camp | The Independent

Charity founder Clare Moseley said: “The conditions they are being kept in are cramped, stressful and dangerous.

“Asylum seekers have fled terrifying dangers, wars and persecution, they need support and protection, instead our Government is treating them with cruelty.”

The Napier Barracks is one of two Ministry of Defence sites being used to house asylum seekers.


The sites were loaned to the Home Office last year as the department struggled to house the thousands of people who crossed the English Channel in small boats during 2020.

Napier Barracks was designated to house about 400 asylum seekers – more than any other Home Office “initial accommodation site”.

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