HAS HE LOST HIS MIND? Half of Muslims call for Homosexuality to be BANNED, but Owen Jones says Gays should support them

LITTLE Owen Jones, the resident crybaby of the left, has claimed that gays should ‘stand behind’ Muslims… yes, really.

Owen, a man who walked out of a debate on Sky News because he was offended by ‘hurty words’ wrote in left-wing Attitude mag and said: “Members of the LGBT community must stand behind under-fire Muslims.’

“Having endured prejudice and bigotry for so long, gay people have a responsibility to support those who endure the same” said Owen.

Owen then demonized a whole group of working-class people and said: “The [so-called] Far Right are on the rise across Europe.”

Jones, who is a prominent Labour figure – a party that has been accused of being widely Anti-Semitic even had the audacity to write: “Just as they once demonised and made scapegoats of Jews, now it’s the turn of Muslims.”

Despite half of British Muslims thinking Homosexuality should be illegal, he said: “There’s a striking similarity between how Muslims are treated and the experiences of LGBT+ people.”

Trevor Phillips, the former head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission said the findings were “extremely worrying” as they suggested on many issues Muslims were “nation within a nation” according to The Guardian.

Earlier this year, the BBC and Peter Thatchell tried to ‘educate’ Muslims on Gay Rights outside a Mosque.

As you would expect, it did not go down well, one worshipper told said: “Why you come here? … why you not go to Synagogue… or church?” before angrily walking off in a hump.

A few months ago, Politicalite revealed what its like to be gay and Muslim.

We have been reporting about the horrific state of affairs of Gay Muslims in the Islamic Community across Britain for months, and we have even been smeared as “Far Right” in the press and lost funding from advertisers due to our provocative style talking about the issue at hand.

Most in the Muslim community refuse to talk about it – we have contacted countless Mosques in the UK to discuss Gay Rights – and have not received one reply back.

I was even banned Facebook for sarcastically mocking the abysmal Gay Rights in the Muslim community after I used… an Eyeroll emoji.

Facebook enforced Islamic blasphemy laws over the post which was later picked up by Pamela Geller and Alternative outlets in the United States.

One Muslim man from Manchester, who we are referring to as “Adeel” to protect his Identity told me that it’s “Impossible” to be Gay and Muslim.

The 26-year-old exclusively told Politicalite: “I’m Married with a child, but I can’t ever come out.”

“I have a secret partner, as my parents forced me into an arranged marriage when I was 18.”

“I also hook up with guys on regular occasions using Grindr, where I meet other closeted Muslim men in similar situations.”

“My wife doesn’t know, or my parents.”

“I have to keep it secret otherwise I would be shunned by my community, it’s impossible to be Gay and Muslim.”

This is the stark reality in Britain when you are gay and Muslim, maybe Owen Jones should wake up to reality.

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