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“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.” said Napoleon Bonaparte.

In 1823, America’s third president, Thomas Jefferson said, “The only security of all is in a free press.”

“The force of public opinion cannot be resisted, when permitted freely to be expressed. the agitation it produces must be submitted to. it is necessary to keep the waters pure.”

In 2019, that statement has never been more important across the pond here in Blighty.

Over the past few months, Politicalite has been under attack from Big Tech in Silicon Valley thanks to pressure from the British Government, now Facebook has banned us completely.

But we’re not angry with Facebook, we’re angry with the people who have lobbied a platform that changed the world, to go bad.

We don’t believe for one second that a tech company born in the land of the free, would suppress a news outlet simply for criticizing the Government on its own accord.

It’s happening due to Government Pressure.

Earlier this month, Politicalite reported that UK Prime Minister Theresa May was planning “to crack down on what the Government sees as ‘disinformation’ ” and we also revealed how new laws dubbed ‘Online Harms’ could have a “devastating effect on non-mainstream news websites and anti-Establishment internet posts.”

“The new laws will mean Britain could potentially have tougher internet regulation than countries such as China.” a high-level source told Politicalite.

“The new laws will mean Britain could potentially have tougher internet regulation than countries such as China.” a high-level source told Politicalite.”That could mean that sites that provide alternative news are ‘completely blacklisted.’”

Just TWO WEEKS later, the official Facebook page of a legitimate UK news outlet, that regularly reached more than 2m people a month, was totally banned by Facebook, and sources have told Politicalite that this is thanks to pressure by MPs and the British Government.

Last week, Britain became a country that censors news outlets and cracks down on dissent and criticism of the Government… just like, yep, you got it… The People’s Republic of China.

You may not have to agree with our political views, but don’t we deserve a right to free speech? We don’t agree with many articles in Evolve Politics or The Canary… but do they deserve to be banned? …NO!

We call on the British Government and MPs to reverse the suppression of free speech, if Britain wants to be a country that criticises regimes such as China and North Korea, then we must lead by example.



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