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HE’S FIGHTING BACK: Tommy Robinson THREATENS to SUE The Times after they brand him ‘Thick Girlfriend Beater’

WORKING-Class hero Tommy Robinson has threatened to SUE the Times of London after the so-called newspaper allegedly published lies about his past.

The article was written by a Fake News reporter called Janice Turner (Twitter handle @VictoriaPeckham) she called our Tommy “Thick and Arrogant” and said: “It would be great never to see again the veneered smile of Robinson: The girlfriend beating football thug.”

Tommy’s camp said: “The premise of the article is that: the perception that the mainstream media print lies is causing a huge surge in support for truth tellers like Tommy.

It is quite frankly unbelievable then, that in that very article, her hatred and emotional far-left bias not only leads her to abuse and ridicule Tommy, (he is pretty used to that),but she then takes it one step further and prints the whopper of all lies.”

“Now over the years, we have heard all sorts of crazy untruths spread about Tommy from the far-left twitter trolls. They frequently say he is racist, (yet still no one has ever provided any evidence of that in 10 years), but Janice Turner takes it to the next ridiculous and libel level, by publishing that Tommy is, in fact, a girlfriend beater!”

“This is another dreadful lie that we have seen published by these far-left trolls, but we never expected a mainstream media outlet to publish their hatred for Tommy and the working class, without first actually researching and verifying facts, particularly ones that are this toxic.”

Tommy’s camp added: “This is 100% fabrication and there is not one shred of evidence that Turner or The Times and The Sunday Times Newspaper, will be able to provide to back up what is quite frankly disgusting lies, smear and slander.”

“We will prove to everyone, just how low the mainstream media has sunk because when Tommy gets back from his holiday, where he is trying to recover from the TRAUMA that was inflicted on him ILLEGALLY. “

Robinson’s team added: “The THICK football hooligan, as you put it, will be SUING the THICK libellous reporter and her newspaper for such disgraceful lies and smear tactics.”

If you would like to make a complaint, about Janice Turner and The Times, to the independent press complaints, making a request for them to provide back up for this statement then you can do so here

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