HOLLYWOOD ATTACKS: Luvvies Up The Ante In Their Campaign Against Donald Trump

HILLARY Clinton infamously received the endorsement of most of Hollywood’s A-List. In fact, it sparked one of the iconic videos of the 2016 Presidential Campaign, in a biting retort entitled ‘Thank You Famous Actors‘, ordinary Trump supporters relentlessly mocked a pro-Clinton video which reminded people to vote.

Hollywood is however undeterred. Traditionally, A-Listers stay more silent during the mid-terms and only intervene in a non-Presidential poll when it is high profile. However, last Sunday, pop singer Taylor Swift broke her silence on politics to endorse Democratic candidates for governor and the U.S. Senate in Tennessee. With characteristic candour, Trump hit back saying he now liked Swift’s music “25% less now.”

Stormy Daniels Lawyer, Michael Avenatti recently hosted a D-List gathering entitled OMG WTF! which is a political action committee that supports Democrats running for state posts in Republican-controlled Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Texas and Florida. The strategy is to target under-35 voters who historically don’t turn and bombard them with pro-Democrat propaganda and to look at so-called ‘down-ballot’ races are typically state and local positions that are listed on voting ballots below national posts.

Bradley Whitford, who played White House Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman in the West Wing, who supports the group explained“On the right, if they lose an election, they run for school board, they run for attorney general and they start a think tank. The left throws their hands up and says the system is corrupt and ends up not participating. I think we need to cultivate that awareness among progressive voters, especially among the young people”.

Maybe it is time Trump supporters looked into producing another video reminding people that all Hollywood ever does is talk at them rather than to them…..

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