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HOUSTON UNDER WATER: Hurricane Harvey brings chaos to Texas

Interstate highway 45 is submerged from the effects of Hurricane Harvey seen during widespread flooding in Houston, Texas, U.S. August 27, 2017. REUTERS/Richard Carson

HOUSTON – Rescue crews raced to rush people and families to safety in Houston, Texas on Monday.

The entire Texas National Guard was mobilized to aid in search-and-rescue efforts across the state.

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About 3,000 national guard members had already been activated in response to Tropical Storm Harvey, and there was roughly 12,000 deployed in Texas.

“It is imperative that we do everything possible to protect the lives and safety of people across the state of Texas as we continue to face the aftermath of this storm,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said in a statement

President Donald Trump said Monday that the federal government would do everything in its power to help the people affected by the devastating flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.

“To the people of Texas and Louisiana, we are 100 percent with you. We’re praying for you, we’re working closely with your leaders and officials, and I will be visiting the impact zone tomorrow to ensure that you’re receiving full support,” he said

President Donald J Trump is expected to visit Houston today following the devastating storms – described as the WORST in 500 years.

Mr. Trump vowed federal cash would arrive in the region quickly.

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“You’re going to have what you need and it’s going to go fast,” he said.

When the US Congress returns next week, it is likely to vote on a multibillion-dollar aid package.

The president also praised people who were going out of their way to help out their fellow citizens.

“Tragic times such as these bring out the best in America’s character. Strength, charity and resilience are those characters. We see neighbor helping neighbor, friend helping friend and stranger helping stranger,” he said.

Louisiana braced for flooding of its own from the mega storm being called Harvey.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards warned people in his state that “the worst is likely to come for us here.”

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