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HYPOCRITE UNMASKED: Democrat Lawmaker MOCKED Over Met Gala Dress

A DEMOCRATIC Lawmaker has been mocked after showcasing just how far removed from reality the ruling Democratic Party has become amid the Covid pandemic. 

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney – who represents New York’s 12th congressional district which includes pricey Manhattan – attended the coveted Met Gala in Midtown Monday night, the event where invitations are at the discretion of fierce Vogue editor, Anna Wintour. 

Met Gala 2021: The coolest looks from the red carpet - NZ Herald

Show-stopping dresses and outfits are a must at the exclusive event, with celebrities such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Lil Nas X in attendance mingling with media elites whilst wearing Tiffany diamonds.

Last-nights Millionaire-fest was no exception and even saw New York Democratic Congresswoman Carole B. Maloney attend, but one picture showcased just how out of touch this bunch of vomit-inducing attention whores have become. 

Maloney was wearing a fabulous dress that had the statement “Equal Rights for Women” – the problem was, she wore it whilst stood in front of seven masked female servants and security guards, showing just how unequal Covid-restrictions are for those on the opposite ends of the income scale.

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Twitter was quick to point out the inequality, with James Stringer musing: “Looking at these rich people wearing clothes no average person could afford.” 

“I was just waiting for Jennifer Lawrence to show up with her bow and arrows to start the hunger games” 

Another wrote: “Some are more equal than others.” 

Whilst another commented: “It’s not the virus they are attempting to control, it’s. you.” 

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All this comes as the Democratic Party faces a fierce challenge in California where incumbent Governor, Gavin Newsom faces a re-election recall challenge after being accused of being “out-of-touch” with rising levels of inequality across America’s most populist state. 

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