I SAID MAYBE: Andy Burnham REFUSES Tier 3 Lockdown on Greater Manchester #NoMoreLockdowns

BONKERS Boris Johnson, the flip-flopping extraordinaire was at loggerheads with Manchester Metro Andy Burnham as he refused to agree to a Greater Manchester lockdown. 

Number Ten pen-pushers told Sky News hat Burnham had agreed to a Teir 3 Lockdown, but first for faking news was swifly debunked, by Burnham himself.

Burnham Tweeted: “Said I wasn’t going to comment but now feel compelled to do so on the back of this Government briefing.”

Greater Manchester investment sustained - MIDAS | Insider Media

“At no point during tonight’s briefing was this news communicated to us. Media told first once again. Our position has not changed.”

Labour’s Lisa Nandy – the MP for Wigan said that Conservative and Labour Greater Manchester MPs on the call with the Minister this morning were “united” in evidence based interventions to move Greater Manchester to Teir 3.

“We will support evidence based interventions with adequate financial support. We will not support this chaos.” she added.



A MASSIVE Anti-Lockdown event has been planned in London this Saturday, Politicalite can reveal. 

The event is not linked to any conspiracy theorist or ‘Covid Deniers’ and attendees MUST wear masks and stay at least one metre apart from one another to avoid Met Police shutting the event down. 

The event will be a march through Central London starting from Speakers Corner in at 1PM. 

We will have LIVE & UNCENSORED coverage of the event on our social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and on

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