IAMSOLDIERX: Protests Gather Momentum As The Campaign Moves To The Old Bailey

By Dave Mara

WIDESPREAD support for the #IAMSOLIDERX campaign means that the petition which is being handed into the Ministry Of Defence this week has reached nearly 200,000 signatures.

Two demonstrations have been held with a third being held tomorrow. The first was on October 13th – the Democratic Football Lads Association (DFLA) demonstration, where support for #IAMSOLDIERX was shown during this protest and there was additional support in Tracy Blackwell’s speech, which also pointed out that the Police could have prevented the Manchester Bombing.

Many protestors were unable to attend this event as they were kettled by the Police at the top of Trafalgar Square.

The second, organised by Veterans against Terrorism, was on Oct 20th at 12 O’clock, and started in Leicester Square. At this protest, there was a noticeably disproportionate Police present with a relatively large number of police/police liaison officers and police in vans parked (out of sight), some of these could be seen following subsequent the march after it had left Leicester Square.

This heavy police presence was in direct contrast to the pro-EU demonstration which was happening at the same time and was very lightly policed.

The EU event had an extremely large number of free coaches laid on and whilst a person travelling from e.g. Newcastle would pay nothing to get to London for the EU march, if they were wanting to attend #IAMSOLDIERX, the first commercial coach only leaves Newcastle at 7:30 and takes 7 hours 15 mins, (because of the number of stops en-route), only ariving at 2:30 pm.

Therefore the train is the only option and the cheapest return ticket on Virgin Trains for Newcastle to London on Oct 20th was £128.20 (£69.70 to London and £58.50 to get back to Newcastle).

The third protest will be on October 23rd; the Support Tommy Robinson Demonstration at the Old Bailey, which is expected to be well-attended, with both National and International speakers. Tommy will once again face down the entire political establishment as they do their best to silence him and punish him merely for speaking the truth. However just as he has our backs we have his and will be there to show him the strength of support he has.

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