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“I’M SORRY” ISIS Bride Shamima Begum Begs Brits for Forgiveness, Wants To Face Trial in UK



ISIS Bride Shamima Begum begged Brits for forgiveness on Wednesday in her first live interview on British TV and said she would be co-operative with UK intelligence services, give up names inside ISIS and face trial in a UK court on Terror charges.

Wearing Western clothes, a Nike hat and painted nails Begum, now 21, told ITV’s Good Morning Britain she was “sorry” for joining ISIS.

“I made a mistake at a very young age, most young people don’t know what they want to do with their lives.”

“I know it’s very hard for the British people to try and forgive me.” added Begum.

When asked Why she joined ISIS and fled to Syria, she said: “I thought it was an Islamic community,” she said, before continuing: “I think yes I was groomed and taken advantage of.”


“I did not know that there was war… well I did know there was a war, but not where women and children were living.” she added.

Susanna Reid asked if she knew ISIS was a “death cult”.

“I did not know that ISIS were trying to take over the world.” she said.

“The reason I came to Syria was not for any violent reasons, I did not want to hurt anyone in Syria or anywhere else in the world,” she added.


The ISIS bride also claimed she had been groomed and told viewers: “I have lived in fear of ISIS and lost loved ones due to ISIS, so I can sympathise with them”, despite claiming the attacks in Manchester were “justified”.

She said of the Manchester bombings a few years ago: “It’s a two-way thing because women and children are being killed right here now”


“It’s was justified, it’s retaliation” she said last year.

Susanna Reid brought up her comments and said it was “sickening” that she made the comments.

She told GMB: “I’m so sorry if I ever offended anyone by coming here.”

“I said those things as I was afraid of [ISIS] women.”

“I heard stories of other women attacking other women due to speaking to journalists about taking their veils off”

“I was living in fear of the other women in ISIS who had phones and could see what I was telling the media.”


Susanna Reid added: “I don’t think your claims of ignorance are going wash with the British people.” and said, Susanna Reid, asked if she would apologise.

Begum hit back: “I am completely sorry for anyone who was hurt by ISIS.”

“I’m sorry,” she added.

She then claimed: “I did not know about the Manchester bombing, I did not people had been killed.”

“I was cut off from the outside world, I did not have access to the internet or a phone.”


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