ISIS-Supporting REFUGEES Planned Attack On UK (Country That Welcomed Them)

TWO Iraqi refugees accused of planning acts of terrorism in the UK worked together “for a common terrorist purpose”, a court has heard.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Farhad Salah, 24, of the Fatima Community Centre in Sheffield, planned to place explosives in a driverless car.

Andy Star, 32, of Sheffield Road in Chesterfield, is accused of being his “willing and technical helpmate”.

Farhad Salah (left), 23, and Andy Star, 32.

Both men, who are Iraqi nationals, deny the charge, despite overwhelming evidence stacked-up against them, including plans and pro-ISIS comments on social media.

Prosecutor Anne Whyte QC told jurors armed police searched both men’s homes in December 2017 and over the course of several days a “large number of individual items” were found.

These included chemicals and powders which could be used to make explosive devices, improvised fuses and homemade fireworks.

Ms Whyte said Mr Salah was active on social media and spoke of his support for the Islamic State group, offering advice and financial support to those who claimed to be fighting for them.

The court heard he also indicated a desire to join those fighting and shared a propaganda film glorifying terrorism.

Sheffield Crown Court where the trial is ongoing.

Ms Whyte said he also used social media to speak about wanting to “carry out martyrdom operation with cars without driver” using a laptop and camera in the UK.

“The intention was to manufacture some sort of device that could be placed in the vehicle but could be controlled remotely so that no-one had to martyr themselves in the process,” she said.

The court heard how and when the men met is not known.

“We do submit that they were sufficiently associated to discuss homemade explosives and jointly to research and manufacture and test them with a shared intent,” Ms Whyte said.

Jurors heard Mr Salah claimed his Facebook account had been hacked and he had no involvement in terrorism and Mr Star said he had an innocent interest in making fireworks.

However, Ms Whyte said: “They worked together, in their own ways for a common terrorist purpose.”

The trial continues.

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