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EXCLUSIVE: Islamic Hate Preacher Speaks At Counter Terrorism Conference


A COUNTER Terrorism Conference in Manchester addressed by Shadow Home Office Minister Afzal Khan also hosted Shaykh Hassan Haseeb ur Rheman.

It was hosted by the Ramadan Foundation in partnership with the Sufi Shrine Of Eidgah Shari and other faith leaders were in attendance along with the relatives of victims of the Manchester bombing.

On the surface, Mr ur Rheman seems like the ideal candidate for such a gathering. He obstensibly preaches ‘peace’ and an anti-terrorism message. The Archbishop of Canterbury has even met him. However, there is more to this man than meets the eye.

He led a high profile campaign in support of the murder of a liberal Pakistani politician. Salmaan Taseer, then govenour of the Punjab region, was murdered in 2011 by Mumtaz Qadri after he spoke out against Pakistan’s draconian anti-blasphemy laws. You can watch a video of the alleged ‘preacher of peace’  speaking at a rally in support of the murderer here.

At the time of the meeting with Justin Welby, Taseers son made the understandable point: “It is countries like the U.K. and US that claim they are leading the way in the war against terror and setting a standard. Why are they letting people in who add fuel to the fire?”

Why indeed. It is bitterly ironic that free speech is curtailed for the likes of Lauren Southern who is barred and excluded from the country but not for the likes of this man and tells us all we need to know where the establishments loyalties lie.

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