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JACKPOT: The Future of Betting in Britain: Remote & Online

TECHNOLOGY is shaping the world in its own image, or to be more precise, it is shaping the world in the image of what it makes possible.

Over the last twenty years, the prevalence of digital technologies has completely transformed how consumer markets operate. Very few industries have remained untouched by the rise of the internet, and this is a trend that not only appears not to be slowing down, but is in fact, speeding up.

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The Culture of Betting

The betting and gaming industry is the perfect illustration of how technology can transform an entire activity. It also demonstrates how, when technology is embraced, it has the potential to open up a door to endless possibilities, with Netent casinos being a great example.

Britain has a long and rich relationship with betting that stretches back as far as the 16th century. It is now so intertwined with British culture that it is often the heart and soul of conversation on our high streets, at our dinner tables and in our public houses.

The Introduction of Technology

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For many, there is an argument that the digital age has had an adverse effect on the human element of certain industries, however, the betting industry has proved that this does not have to be the case. The conversations still take place, the interactions are still present and the excitement is still as joyous as ever, if anything, the introduction of technology has simply made it easier to partake in one of Britain’s favourite pastimes.

The transformation in question first began with online casinos & betting sites and has since been driven by the ability to place bets via your smartphone. So, let’s take a closer look at why the future of betting in Britain is destined to be online and remote…


In 1998, the share of households within the United Kingdom (UK) with internet access stood at 9%. Fast forward to 2020 and a staggering 96% of UK households now have access to the internet. When we present this information alongside the fact that the UK has the highest smartphone penetration with 82.9% of its population owning a smartphone, totalling 55.5 million, we can clearly see that access is not an issue.

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If there is one thing we can all agree on when it comes to having access to the internet via smartphones, it is that it has made certain aspects of our lives easier. Based on the figures outlined in the previous paragraph, we can see that even if you don’t own a smartphone yourself, there is always one close by.

Before we had the ability to place a bet on a smartphone, one had to physically go to a bookmakers in order to place a bet. The fact that we can now place a bet or play a game when we want and where we want has introduced a whole new level of conveniency to the industry as a whole. This will only improve as technology continues to advance.


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Technology has meant that the British remote betting and gaming industry has experienced drastic changes over the last two decades. The general public’s response and enthusiasm when it comes to moving online has ensured that the online industry is incredibly competitive, which has in turn increased the overall quality of the products on offer.

The industry has already seen a high level of focus on smartphones with a multitude of innovative mobile products and services continually being introduced to the market. The high level of quality and the ever increasing convenience means that all signs point to remote and online being the future of betting in Britain.


Finally, when we consider that the people living in Britain in the future will all be what are considered digital natives, it is easy to see why betting will continue to move online. Simply put, it just makes sense.

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Digital natives have come to expect that the world adapts to their lifestyle, rather than the other way around. This is what technology has made possible, and it is clear that the betting and gaming industry in Britain has taken note. If you want our opinion, this choice will continue to pay off for everyone involved…


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