JIHADI TAKEAWAY: Jeremy Corbyn ‘had dinner’ with Hamas boss who called for jihadi attacks

JEREMY Corbyn has been accused of ‘bragging about having a takeaway dinner’ with the boss of Hamas who urged Jihadis to use knives and cars to slaughter innocents.

The Sun reported that the Labour leader wrote in a newspaper column back in 2010 that he spoke politics with Khaled Mashal while in a bombed-out Parliament building in Gaza.

Khaled said: “Weapons like Kalashnikovs or missiles are not at hand, but there are knives and cars with which to run over the enemies” adding: “can anyone possibly have an excuse to abandon the path of Jihad?”

“Therefore, the young man who puts his life on the line and the heroic sister, with nothing but a knife at hand, are justified, and Allah accepts them.”

Last year the embattled Labour boss admitted he was wrong to call Palestinian group Hamas – whose militant wing are a proscribed terror group – his “friends”.

Corbyn wrote in the Morning Star newspaper that he had a “long meeting” with ringleader Mashal in January 2010.

Mr Corbyn wrote that they talked politics over “a takeaway dinner” in the bombed out wreck on the Parliament building in Gaza where they discussed working together to fight for Palestine.

However Labour were unable to explain how Mr Corbyn had met the Hamas chief in Gaza in 2010 when Mashal was still in exile from the city – and did not return until 2012.

His spokesman did not dispute that the dinner took place telling The Sun: “Jeremy has a long and principled record of solidarity with the Palestinian people and engaging with actors in the conflict to support peace and justice in the Middle East. That is the right thing to do.”

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