JOIN TOMMO: Counter Al Quds Demo Happening TOMORROW

A COUNTER Demonstration will be held  in London tomorrow (Sunday 2nd June), Tommy Robinson’s events organiser, Danny Tommo has told Politicalite.

The demo will be to expose and protest against the highly-controversal ‘Al Quds Day March’ – a day where thousands of Muslims parade through London, many of them shouting anti-semitic slogans, calling for the destruction of Israel, and illegally flying Islamist flags associated to proscribed Islamic terrorist groups, most commonly the infamous child-killers Hezbollah.

Tommo’s tweet.

“On Sunday, I’ll be going to Al-Quds day in London to challenge Hezbollah supporters” Danny Tommo tweeted out to his many followers. “I’m taking a camera crew & security, but I need your help. We should never allow banned terror group supporters to go unchallenged anywhere”.

In another tweet he reminded people of the day and of some of the hatred spread by Islamists whom London Mayor Sadiq Khan allows to have free roam during the widely-condemned rally.

“This Sunday, London will allow a massive Anti-Semitic march to take place, which was initiated by Iran to denounce Jews” he said. “Hezbollah flags and banners are regular features of the march. Hezbollah is outlawed meaning anyone found supporting the terror group face 10 years in prison.”

TAKING ACTION: Tommo intends to stand-against the rally.

Yet despite it being illegal to support Hezbollah in the UK, as Danny rightly points out, politically-correct police forces and the London Mayor allow the hate-filled march go ahead every year.

The demo comes just days before the next appearance of Tommy Robinson at the Old Bailey, and Tommo hopes to bring together Tommy Robinson’s supporters and people who just want to speak-out against hatred, and to confront extremists himself as he has with others, including radicals linked to renowned hate cleric and terrorist sympathiser Anjem Choudary.

Anti-semitic scenes from the 2018 Al Quds March.

Taking a camera crew and security, Danny intends to debate extremists and their views and to challenge the radical Islam being allowed to fester in the British capital.

To join Tommo, or to help contribute to the important event, please donate via paypal: 

Speaking of the intended FreeTommy rally taking place a few days after, Tommo wrote on Twitter:

“Tommy Robinson is back at the old bailey on 4th of July. I’m organising a massive gathering outside with a large stage & PA!! We must make sure they know, he will never walk alone!! Please book the day off, you don’t want to miss this one!!”

He then told Politicalite that he was preparing to have a meeting with the police next week, and said:  “It’s gonna be the biggest one at the Old Bailey to-date”.

More to follow.


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