LABOUR’S LOST IT: Labour Pressure Group REFUSES to endorse ANY Candidate

A LABOUR pressure group has failed to endorse any of the parties Candidates, in a damning blow.

The Labour leadership election result is due to be announced this week, to replace the incumbent head Jeremy Corbyn.

Jez handed Labour their worst result in the 2019 general election, whereby he took his party to their worst performance since Clement Atlee in 1935, earning just 202 seats overal.

Now, socially conservative pressure group Blue Labour have refused to endorse a candidate. Their statement (made on Twitter) can be read bellow:

They criticised how the party’s current slew of leadership candidates hadn’t ‘grasped the scale of Labour’s defeat or its meaning’. Complaining about losing much of the UK (including England, Scotland and much of Wales) in the last general election, it also pointed out that Corbyn had ‘completed the gentrification that began under New Labour and now’ the party had ‘lost touch’ with the ordinary voters in their traditional working class base. This element of being out of touch, extended to how they noted that the party wasn’t interested in major issues like the ‘costs of globalisation to industry’ and instead focused on ‘internal process and fringe issues’ and defended ‘totalitarian China’. They also highlighted that instead of being focused on hey concluded by admitting that ‘Labour abandoned the working class and now the favour has been returned’, stating that winning over that part of the country would be a ‘long way back’.

In response, the group (founded by Lord Maurice Glasman back in 2010 as a response group to what they felt was a laissez-faire approach to free market economics under former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, all the while wanting a ‘new politics of reciprocity, mutuality and solidarity’ as a counterbalance to the post-1945 centralising approach of the party) received a mixed reception. Some people took the response negatively, including columnist Andrew Fisher who accused them of class snobbery and Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants spokesperson Zoe Gardner, who called them ‘tiresome reactionary wreckers’. On the other hand, Social Democratic Party leader William Clouston advocated for the ‘programme’ that BL advocate by advertising his party as a response, and BL member Paul Embery compared people blaming BL for Labour’s ‘electoral failure’ was the same as Titanic’s passengers blaming the captain for warning about the iceberg ‘for ruining their chances of reaching New York’.

Voting in the Labour leadership contest is set to finish tomorrow, with the winner being announced on the 4th of April. The current candidates include Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Rebecca Long-Bailey, former Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Lisa Nandy and Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union Keir Starmer. Starmer is currently the frontrunner, and Nandy had been previously linked as the BL candidate. The running of the contest had been changed due to the ongoing coronavirus, with the special conference to announce the winner being cancelled. The deputy leader is expected to be announced shortly as well.

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