LAND OF THE FREE: The Complete Guide to F4 Visa

In this brief article, we will tell you all you need to know about the F4 Visa, and the Green Card. 

If you are looking at entering the USA with regard to becoming a citizen you should research U.S. immigration laws in full as they can be quite complex or, perhaps preferably, talk to a professional with expertise in this area of the law.

Let’s start by looking at what the F4 visa is for, and who would need one.

What is the F4 Visa?

An F4 visa is one of many types of visa that can be used to gain entry to the USA. In this instance, it is a ‘Family-based’ visa. The immigrant – defined as anyone who is not born in the US – is sponsored by an immediate relative who is either a citizen or has permanent residence in the US. 

Who Can Apply for an F4 Visa and Family Based Green Card?

Anyone who was born in the USA or already has citizenship can apply for an F4 visa for immediate relatives, including a spouse, a child or a parent, and can apply for as many as they wish as there is no limit. Entering the USA without a visa may result in deportation, and they will be banned from entering in the future.

For other relatives such as siblings, the Family Preference visa is the one to apply for rather than the F4, as it is intended for this use.

What are the Requirements for a Family-Based Green Card?

The F4 is the initial document that permits the immigrant entry into the USA from abroad. To remain in the country permanently the individual must be granted a Family Based green card. 

To qualify, the applicant must be able to prove a family relationship with the US citizen or resident who is their sponsor. This can be a marriage or birth certificate but may also include further proof. The applicant will only qualify if they have no criminal record.

How to Apply

The application process can take some time, and begins with the sponsor petitioning the US Citizenship and Immigration Services for acceptance. Once this is granted, the proposed immigrant applies for a green card at the US Embassy in their home country.

To begin the petition, the sponsor needs to fill out a form known as I-130. This, along with proof of resident or citizenship status plus proof of familial relationship and any name changes, must be deposited along with the appropriate fee at the Department of Homeland Security. The application will be assessed, which can take some months. 

The proposed immigrant, meanwhile, must wait for notification from the National Visa Processing Center that their application has been granted.

 Once this is given, they will need to schedule an appointment at the US Embassy where they will be issued a ‘Visa Packet’ which they will present to US Customs on arrival. Assuming all is agreed, and all fees have been paid, the Green Card will be issued to their US address.

Getting Help with Visa Application

The above is a simplified explanation of what the F4 visa is for, and how to apply for it and the green card. It is strongly advised that should you be considering applying for US citizenship, you engage the services of a lawyer who is experienced in what can sometimes be a complex area of the law. 

This will help the process along and reduce the possibility of complications. Get in touch now and arrange for an initial consultation and allow the experts to help you gain entry and citizenship to the USA.

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