LAUGHING AT EUROPE: Southern SLAMS NGOs And People Smugglers

Following on from her speech to the European Parliament, Lauren Southern has been speaking to the Hungarian paper Magyar Hirlap .

In the interview, she reserves particular scorn for NGO’s and people smugglers. She explains:

“For a long time I thought that NGOs really wanted to help, save people from drowning in water. Of course I have heard that there is some corruption in the whole, they are not purely humanitarian goals, but only when working, on the ground, in the organizations, have we come up with a scandal in the background.”

Western media is silent on these issues, she says.

Indeed, if anything, even a cursory glance at the mainstream media shows that they tend to paint the NGO’s as ‘white knights’ and, of course, governments like the Italian one under Matteo Salvini are portrayed as ‘hard-line’ and demonised as uncaring. However, if you listen to Salvini’s speeches it is not hard to discern an undercurrent of genuine concern for the fate that migrants often suffer.

However, Salvini is very much an exception to the rule. Southern continues:

“Western governments and the media are silent about this. It is sad that European decision-makers are naïve, while those who make huge money from immigration are laughing at them. We are also recording how a lawyer in an organization recognizes that they have cleaned up five hundred thousand euros through the NGO.”

Another exception to the rule is Donald Trump, who she praises for “expanding the possibilities of politicians”.

Ultimately, NGO’s and their various supporters amoung the political and media establishment classes are confidence tricksters as Southern exposes:

“When I talked to sleeping migrants under the bridge, it became apparent that false promises were being made to life. They are tempted to a paradise that doesn’t exist.”

The whole system is a tragic one with no winners and where everyone loses.


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