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LEAVE BATTEN ALONE: Readers Turn On Mail Smear Campaign


Daily Mail readers are turning on the papers vendetta against UKIP Leader Gerard Batten.

Today, the paper published its latest attempt to smear the MEP and also UKIP as ‘far-right’. It was a broadbrush attack on Tracy Blackwell and the Fighting For Justice Campaign with an attempt made to tarnish UKIP and its leader by association.

Mail readers were left unimpressed. Comments were placed in ‘moderation’ early on. GarethL24 however slipper past the censors and told the paper to “leave Batten alone” as he is “alright” and at the time of writing received 951 upvotes for his comment compared to a mere 365 downvotes.

Ever since Paul Darce left the editors chair, the paper has abandoned a series of long-standing patriotic positions.

It attacked Tory opponents of May’s sell-out deal in a complete u-turn having previously branded Tory Remoaners ‘enemies of the people’. Brexiteer rebels on the Tory benches were smeared as ‘saboteurs’.

It is unclear whether the paper is currently seeking to aid Mrs May by attacking UKIP and its leader at precisely the moment she is manoeuvring to finally kill Brexit off or is in fact in league with internal opponents of Batten. However, either way it is becoming increasingly clear readers have had enough of the papers betrayal of its long-standing values.



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