LEFTWAFFE: Leftie Politicians SLAM VE Day Celebrations As ‘Jingoistic Nonsense’

BRITAIN celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Victory in Europe day, when  Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allies in the Second World War.

Leanne Wood however, the former leader of the Welsh nationalist party Plaid Cymru, used it to sympathise with those who felt it was ‘jingoistic nonsense’ to celebrate this victory.

She responded to a tweet by Miles King, a representative of the environmental campaign group People Need Nature. In it, he claimed that while he understood ‘why Britain celebrated VE day in 1945’, he felt that it was wrong to be ‘implored to “celebrate the 17th anniversary of a war which killed 20 million people’. He concluded that it was ‘jingoistic nonsense’ and that it was ‘better to reflect on the horror of war & celebrate 75 years of relative peace in Europe’. Wood shared sympathy towards it, saying that she agreed ‘with this’, adding a pointing down emoji for good measure.

She then received a heavy backlash online for her stance. Matt Kilcoyne (the deputy director of the libertarian think tank the Adam Smith Institute) stated that she didn’t ‘speak for Welsh people’, that he was ‘proud to celebrate the liberation of Europe’ and he was honouring the ‘memory of my grandfather who fought Nazi tyranny’, and that it was overall meant to ‘celebrate the victory we Brits, with our allies, brought the world’ and not ‘forget their sacrifice’.

Welsh based Conservative supporter called Adam was more sarcastic, jokingly supporting Leanne’s suggestion of ‘let’s just forget what happens’ and not examine the ‘sacrifice that people made’ and ‘the horrors that were inflicted on millions’, adding a facepalm emoji at the end. Former Brexit Party Parliamentary candidate for Blaenau Gwent Richard Taylor called it an ‘all-time low’ for Wood, and Labour MP Chris Bryant openly stated his disagreement and felt that we ‘should celebrate the defeat of Nazism, the liberation of the death camps and give thanks for those who gave their all, remembering the horrors of war and committing ourselves to peace and human rights’.

Wood  insinuated that ‘far-right trolls’ were the main ones targeting here and compared Wales to ‘North Korea’ because of the criticism against her.

Some defended her, most notably that of King himself of who called her critics ‘alt-right’ and the distributors of the controversial White Poppy the Peace Pledge Union, who were ‘pleased’ at her stance, claiming the VE day celebrations ‘cheapen the suffering of millions’.

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