LET HIM ROT: Lee Rigby Killer in ICU battling COVID-19 

ONE of the killers of fusilier Lee Rigby is in an intensive care unit after being infected COVID-19, it has been claimed. 

Michael Adebowale – one of the killers of British soldier Lee Rigby is fighting the virus in Broadmoor prison.

This is the second time in days he has been admitted to a COVID ward in the prison, as he serves 45 years for the murder of soldier Lee Rigby who was murdered in cold blood on the streets of London in 2013.

A source told The Sun that ‘He’s in a very bad way and fighting for every breath… It’s reached the stage where it’s a 24/7 battle. If he deteriorates much further, intensive care would be the next step. He’s very young to be affected so badly’.

Broadmoor Hospital - Wikipedia

This came as he tested positive for the disease a fortnight ago, and for his current treatment, he isn’t on a ventilator. This isn’t the first time that an outbreak of COVID-19 has occurred in a British prison; late last year, an outbreak of the disease took place at HMP Frankland, which also housed former Broadmoor prisoner Peter Sutcliffe, otherwise known as the infamous serial killer the Yorkshire Ripper. Sutcliffe died from the virus in November 2020.

Michael Adebowale became internationally known for his part of the cold-blooded murder of British soldier Lee Rigby. The murder, which took place back in Woolwich in London in 2013, saw Adebowale and his co-conspirator Michael Adebolajo firstly run over Rigby and then tried to behead the young soldier. 

Woolwich Attack: British soldier Lee Rigby died 'in the most horrific way possible,' says relative - New York Daily News

The event is seen as one of the more prominent acts of Islamic terrorism in recent years, with Adebolajo claiming to be a ‘soldier of Allah’ and having on himself a handwritten note citing the Quran as justification for his actions and Adebowale being radicalised in prison during his first stint for drug offences. The attacks were heavily condemned by former Prime Minister David Cameron at the time,and both were sentenced to life imprisonment, with Adebowale getting a specific 45-year sentence. 

Lee’s mother, Lyn Rigby, has told the press that ‘It would not be justice for Covid to take this man prematurely and end the sentence handed to him… We’ve maintained true justice for Lee is to see his killers remain behind bars and serve every day of their sentence’.

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