MADFURO: Labour invites Maduro’s ambassador to party conference

LABOUR has sensationally invited the ambassador to Venezuelan DICTATOR Nicolas Maduro to their annual party conference later this month. 

Roco Maneiro will appear at an ‘anti-sanctions’ rally in Brighton at the end of September during the annual Labour party conference.

This comes amid growing concerns over Jeremy Corbyn’s support of the OPPRESSIVE communist regime.

Nicolás Maduro has become increasingly authoritarian in his rule of the socialist country after two opposition party leaders were detained from their homes.

The socialist economy in Venezuela that Jeremy Corbyn supports and admires is imploding.

There are shortages of food, medicine and the IMF predicts that unemployment will hit 25% by the end of 2017.

Five months of demonstrations and rioting have also broken out in the country, sparking fears it could turn into an all out civil war.

Jeremy Corbyn has been an open supporter of Maduro, and the Venezuelan president has called the Labour leader ‘A friend of Venezuela’.

Even the EU has condemned Maduro’s authoritarian rule and the United States has issued sanctions against the failing socialist state.

Labour has criticised the sanctions imposed by the United States and intends to fully support the dictator at their party conference next month.

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