MILKSHAKES And Morality: The Normalizing of Political Violence

AS WE all saw, political activist Tommy Robinson, who stood for MEP of the North West, had a milkshake thrown over him whilst campaigning in Warrington, writes 5th Columnist Alexander Candlin.

Several incidents took place that day, including a mass brawl which allegedly left one man hospitalised, two individuals assaulting Mr Robinson, and the young man who threw the milkshake has now claimed to have received

This entire situation is unacceptable and the actions of everyone involved should be condemned.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn recently had an egg thrown at him whilst visiting a mosque in London. The man response was charged with assault.

In America, a protester attempted to attack actor and political commentator Michael Knowles as he delivered a speech at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

On Friday this week two protesters attempted to attack UKIP MEP candidate Carl Benjamin, also known as Sargon of Akkad, whilst campaigning in Cornwall. The attackers were restrained and luckily no injuries were reported.

Farage ‘milkshaked; in Newcastle.

The most shocking aspect of these events is that many today still praise the attackers.

It is indefensible to both stand against violence whilst cheering on such actions or in any way justifying them.

Regardless of what political opinion these people held, they are not to be subjected to violence. The protection provided by the law should not only apply to some and not others.

To claim to be for non-violence whilst celebrating incidents such as these shows a startlingly hypocrisy. If you justify this in anyway; you are not part of the problem, you are the problem.

To stand against fascism, racism and violence only then to bring violence into the political arena is a betrayal of everything you claim to stand for.

Using the justification of ‘they deserved it’ or ‘that’s what you get for being a fascist’ marks a betrayal of those morals.

Violence is never justified in politics and the individuals who committed violence in these scenarios should be hauled before the courts.

Assault is assault regardless of context.

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