Miqdaad Versi: “White Britons Need To Integrate with Muslims and Migrants”

MIQDAAD Versi of the Muslim Council of Britain once claimed that White Brits “Needed to integrate with Muslims and migrants.”

The Muslim Council of Britain spokesman complained to the Army over brave lads posing with right-wing activist Tommy Robinson.

He claimed that an Army spokesperson said that the lads in the picture could face ‘Administrative action” and now the Army is investigating.

He said: ‘White people must play a role in integration.”

His comments came after Dame Louise Casey published a report commissioned by former Prime Minister David Cameron.

The report warned that communities across Britain were becoming increasingly segregated after being ignored by successive Governments “for fear of being branded racist or Islamophobic.”

Versi denied the claims and said: White people must play a role in integration too’, he wrote: “She does not provide any solutions for African Caribbean, Roma or Traveller communities, with no acknowledgement of Scotland and Northern Ireland’s history of integration challenges – from which we must learn.

“Worryingly, Casey often conflates Muslim with Asian communities, giving the false impression that all regressive cultural practices are based on the Islamic faith despite clear evidence to the contrary.

Earlier this year, the MCB teamed up with Labour to call for a Christian preacher linked to President Trump to be denied UK visa sparking fears of a ‘Holy War’ against Christians.

Franklin Graham, who called Islam ‘evil’, was due to speak at a festival in Blackpool in September this year, but Labour, the Muslim Council of Britain and a Tory Government Whip called for Sajid Javid to BAN him from the UK.

The preacher said Trump’s election victory was evidence that “God’s hand” was at work, has called Islam “evil” and “wicked” and claimed Barack Obama’s “problem is that he was born a Muslim.”

The Muslim Council of Britain, who once used Extremists to investigate Extremism joined the three MPs, including a government whip, in demanding the Home Office apply its criteria on hate speech to Graham’s visa request.

The MCB said: “In the past, the government has banned individuals whom they claim are ‘not conducive to the public good’.

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