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MORE FAKE NEWS: Sky News ATTACK Tommy Robinson in a shocking hatchet job

TOMMY Robinson was smeared by Sky News yesterday after his trial was postponed until October.

Fake News hack Jason Farell interviewed Robinson for over an hour and in a leaked clip posted to Tommy Robinson’s social media showed everything Tommy said.

FAKE NEWS: Sky’s Jason Farrell with Right-Wing Activist Tommy Robinson

A 15-minute hit piece was created from an hours interview, in leaked footage Jason was seen laughing with Robinson, asking him about Theresa May and Putin – when the interview was broadcast on TV, however, Establishment Sky twisted Tommy’s words and even linked him to Far-Right Extremist Darren Osbourne.

Leftists attacked Sky for giving Tommy a platform and Tommy fans lashed out at Sky and hit back on social media.

One said: ” That was an embarrassment Sky News! Jason Farrell out for an ego boost by continually talking down Tommy Robinson. How would you feel if your children were abused.? You really need to either change your job or go back to uni and retrain because that was no impartial interview”

Another added: “Not intense really. Farrell just interrupts when he hears something he disagrees with or when he was losing the argument; which was often.”

“@JasonFarrellSky was more concerned about Muslim sensibilities and attacking Mr Robinson than addressing the issue of raped teenaged girls which he kept deflecting. I am now cancelling my Sky subscription. @SkyNews now has a leftist agenda and I will no longer fund it.”

It wasn’t a surprise Sky News attacked Tommy, they work for the Establishment and can never represent the true reality of Britain.

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