MOST CENSORED: UK Government ‘Lobbied’ Facebook To CENSOR Politicalite UK

POLITICALITE has achieved an astonishing new label thanks to our bold and free speech inspired reporting… we are now Britain’s MOST CENSORED news outlet.

Earlier this month, Politicalite reported that UK Prime Minister Theresa May was planning “to crack down on what the Government sees as ‘disinformation’ ” and we also revealed how new laws dubbed ‘Online Harms’ could have a “devastating effect on non-mainstream news websites and anti-Establishment internet posts.”

“The new laws will mean Britain could potentially have tougher internet regulation than countries such as China.” a high-level source told Politicalite.

“That could mean that sites that provide alternative news are ‘completely blacklisted.’”.

Just TWO WEEKS later, the official Facebook page of a legitimate UK news outlet, that regularly reached more than 2m people a month, was totally banned by Facebook, and sources have told Politicalite that this is thanks to pressure by MPs and the British Government.


Politicalite is now Britain’s only news-outlet to be totally censored on Facebook.

Last week, the UK became a country that censors news outlets and cracks down on dissent and criticism of the Government… just like, yep, you got it… The People’s Republic of China.

You may agree with our political views, you might even find us distasteful, but don’t we deserve a right to free speech? We don’t agree with many articles in The Guardian, Evolve Politics or The Canary… but do they deserve to be banned? NO!

Last week, New York-based NewsGuard attacked Politicalite, describing us as an ‘untrustworthy’ outlet, after we refused to reveal a high-level British source of our the ‘Worse Than China’ story.

NewsGuard claimed the report was ‘poorly sourced’, but US-based outlet Breitbart reported back in March that Facebook’s ‘Purge of British Right Wingers’ such as Tommy Robinson, Raheem Kassam and me (Jordan James) came after ‘Political Pressure’ by MPs and the British Government, in which Politicalite’s Editors were all banned on the social media network, before being restored.

Breitbart reported: “The bans occurred amid pressure from the British government (currently run by the so-called “conservative” party) on social media platforms to do more to combat “hate.”

“The British digital minister Margot James MP said today that she wants “world-leading tech regulation” for Britain, including massive fines against platforms like Facebook that don’t promptly remove alleged “hate speech.”

YOU MAGGOT: Margot James with Tinpot Dictator Theresa May

Now, a mixed-race British citizen, who owns a news-outlet is being silenced by the state due to so-called ‘racist hate-speech’ but whats the REAL reason? – because our news outlet, despite not always agreeing with certain views, provides a platform to others who are censored, simply because we believe in Freedom of Speech.

In December, the UK Government lobbied Google to ban us from its Advertising platform – in an attempt to silence us, the banning came after lobbying from the British Government, and after a Politico story on how Britain ‘was worried’ about right-wing populist sites like Politicalite.

The Politico article said: “A flat screen television sits on one of the walls, scrolling through what is being read online — the most popular conversations and shared articles, search words and trending topics.”

“Not far away are two or three officials charged…





…with tackling what No. 10 sees as a rising risk, to the government politically and to the country as a whole: the rapid rise of new populist news sites pushing conspiratorial, anti-establishment content outside the channels of traditional media.”


Earlier this year the UK’s most popular activist online with over one million likes  was completely erased from the internet.

Tommy Robinson, who had a massive reach online and represented millions of left behind Britons was completely silenced and has all but been removed from the internet due to his criticism of the Government and MPs and his highlighting of Grooming Gangs and Islamist Terror in Britain.

Now Robinson is running as an MEP, and we reported on Tommy with fairness and balance, they’re doing the exact same to Politicalite.

NUMBER Ten has already revealed that it monitors the viral stories working-class sites like Politicalite produce, they think we are a threat, and even after warning the WORST Government since records began that we’re just reporting what people want to read about, and what is popular within the British psyche, they still want to silence us.. because we don’t pander to their PC obsessed worldview.

They have tried to defund us, attack us and cause us unjust harm not only financially but physically they want us erased from the internet altogether.

It won’t work and we will never surrender. We have been going since December with virtually ZERO ad-revenue, just support from our dedicated readers, my life has been turned upside down – But we will carry on regardless, we started with nothing, we will continue with nothing, working-class council estate lads know how to survive, and survive we will do because one of our main missions is to report the truth.

Number 10 is rattled by the Alt News revolution, that’s produced by young media-savvy folks, from the heart of working-class Britain – why? because they can’t control us. We don’t meet with grovelling leaders pre-election so they can gain our endorsement, we simply BACK the people.

We’re like the tabloids – only our only special interest is the WORKING-CLASS PEOPLE – we report what they’re talking about – and guess what! THAT SELLS!

Like Citizen Kane’s “Declaration of Principles, Politicalite penned a set of rules known as the “Politicalite Mission” when we began in April 2017.


To provide a platform for undiscovered non-mainstream writers and citizen journalists. (CHECK)

To make sense of the crazy political revolution that is Populism. (CHECK)

To give a voice to the silent majority. (CHECK)

To say what the mainstream media refuse to say. (CHECK)

To expose slimy politicians and those that mislead the electorate. (CHECK)

To get Britain WOKE on Politics. (500,000 engaged readers? CHECK!)

At the turn of Millennium, it was claimed by Media experts that three things sold Tabloid Newspapers: Diana, Jordan and Big Brother“… back then, the working-classes were spoon fed ‘distraction’ content like the Roman Gladiatorial fights the Elites of Rome used to distract the people from the crumbling empire.

Number 10 thinks sites like ours are a threat, the ‘Conservative’ Government sees “Pro-Brexit views, anti-Islam rhetoric and, right-wing populism” as something to be worried about, maybe they should start tackling those issues instead of selling 17.4m people down the river and ignoring Radical Islam, Grooming Gangs (that still ravage Britain) maybe then, ‘Populism’ wouldn’t be a thing.

The British Government is trying to fight us, and destroy us – working-class people – instead of listening to what we say, we simply give the punters what they want to read about, that’s Brexit, Islam and Right-Wing Populism.





Populist news outlets simply reflect what’s ‘popular’ in the working-class psyche and boozers across the nation.

We will always back the few, the left behind, the censored, the poor, the broken, the weak, the survivors, the strivers… the working-class BRITISH PEOPLE.

Over the past few weeks, we have been approached by various Tory figures trying to ‘woo’ us, to make us change sides, but who did we back? the peoples champion Tommy Robinson.

“Why risk it all?” you may ask…

…Because we’ve heard all the promises from politicians before, and to change the world, you have to BE THE CHANGE you want to see in the world.


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  1. Newspaniard

    April 29, 2019 at 12:34

    I see the Government have all but killed off your petition after only 5 votes.

  2. Rob Nellist

    May 6, 2019 at 00:19

    The year is now 1984

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