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MOTORS: How long will petrol cars be around? 

Around 100 years ago, people were flocking from rural areas to the city during the industrial revolution with horses.

Around that time, it was predicted that by the middle of the preceding century, nine feet of manure would be covering the streets of cities and towns. At that age and time, more people used horses. This horse situation meant more manure or horse pop. 

The predictors couldn’t see the invention and adoption of the gasoline car. The prediction was wrong and forgotten after the creation of the gasoline car. Petrol cars have been around for a long time, and gradually, they may have to phase out just like horses. Here are a few factors determining how long the petrol car will be around. 

Countries plan and are already enacting laws to ban the sale of gasoline cars

The British government, among others, is set to ban the sale of gasoline cars in Britain by 2030. Interestingly, Britain was the first G7 government to place a ban on the sale of petrol cars in the future. Aside from the British government, California will stop selling new gasoline vehicles and trucks in 2035, according to the News Trust. Other countries making in-roads in the ban of petrol cars in the future are China, Germany, Canada, Norway, etc.

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The electric car is relatively low

It was a purported victory when the European Union approved the law to ban the use of petrol cars. All that was needed was a stamp to implement this law. Then Germany changed its mind. They used a loophole allowing them to sell gasoline cars beyond the 2035 deadline. 

Variability in finance for adopters of the electric car

A sizeable proportion of humans that own petrol cars aren’t liquid enough to afford an electric car. This is said on the basis that petrol cars are cheaper than electric cars. 

The longevity of the petrol car

The petrol cars you see on the street will still be around and in working condition 10 years from now. This means that if the rate of their longevity is further proven, their usage will also skyrocket. 

Ease of fixing the petrol car

Unlike an electric car, how to fix a petrol car is common knowledge among its customers. The market is also saturated with car repairers specializing in fixing petrol cars than electric cars. 

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The cost of fixing the petrol car

The cost of fixing the gasoline car is relatively low compared to the electric vehicle and other emerging technologies. This difference in price is based on the availability of men with the required knowledge to fix their engines. 

It is the clear intention of governments worldwide to get rid of the petrol car. Several laws have been enacted to ban their use by 2030 and 2040. However, the rate of adoption of the new electric vehicle is lagging. 

The number of adopters is relatively low. This low-level adoption is due to the vast price difference. Even before 2030 or 2040, gasoline cars could be redundant, but the price will always be a significant factor. Finally, click here to learn more about the ban on petrol cars. 

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