NASTY PARTY: Backlash after Tory MP slams Veterans and calls Tommy ‘a fool, a thug and a joke.’

AN OUT OF TOUCH Tory MP has called Tommy Robinson ‘a fool, a thug and a joke.

Johnny Mercer who is the MP for Plymouth Moor View and was once regarded as a man of the people and a potential future leader attacked working-class hero Tommy.

Mercer, a former soldier, who’s now got a cushty pay packet as a part of the corrupt Westminster racket, sneered at the working classes and said: “Those who asked me to help ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ need to seriously question their judgement and branded Tommy a ‘A fool, a thug, and a joke.’

Mercer, then attacked the Armed Forces and Veterans who mostly support Tommy by saying: “The ‘perceived’ alignment of him and U.K. Veterans/Military interests disturbs me.”

“He represents everything we fought against.”

A clown in clown’s clothing.”

He received a feirce backlash on Twitter.

So why dont you stand up for the people for the children. Stand against these crimes against kids?? Errr no because you cushy paypacket is more important. im not far right im not far left, i just want people of the great country protected and represented by people with a backbone— Chris Clarry&Quaver?? (@Chrisclarry1) August 2, 2018

Although Tommy Robinson never served in the military, I have no doubt he has bigger balls than you Mercer. You fail to see what is happening in our country. Your party will be wiped out at the next election.— Gerald Bowers (@GeraldBowersUK) August 2, 2018

I’ll tell you what Tommy Robinson, he is a product of the corrupt and incompetent political system that you are a member of. The Westminster so-called “elites” are nothing more than lying devious charlatans who are placing this country in serious jeopardy. Shameful bastards.— Steve (@hu1698) August 2, 2018

We know the Man called Tommy Robinson because over paid over rated people like you have not done the job your paid to do. Now stop calling him a clown you clown’s assistant dressed in a cheap suit and tell us what your going to do about Grooming Gangs ?— Eric Twang (@EricTwang1) August 3, 2018

So what part of justice is it you are against? Robinson was arrested on one charge, tried , convicted and jailed in5 hours by a judge who thought it so funny he is pictured laughing through a window? So we now have conservative M P who believes in show trials ? Shocking— brian walsh (@briwalsh234) August 3, 2018

What do you make of Johnny Mercer’s comments?

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