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NATIONAL HERO: Tommy Robinson is WINNING against the corrupt British Establishment, but it’s not over yet

RIGHT Wing Activist Tommy Robinson is winning his all-out fight against the corrupt British Establishment and the Mainstream Media.

Yesterday, Our Tommy was given his freedom yet again and was not jailed – a very good sign according to legal experts.

A gleeful Tommy spoke live on Facebook from his son’s football game and revealed why his trial was postponed until October.

The reason his trial was adjourned though, is because courts did not want Tommy to make his statement and the judge claimed he would contempt the active case again if he revealed what he wanted to say, according to Robinson.

Tommy revealed in a Facebook Live video that Judge Marsen QC had allegedly admitted in written records that what Tommy said in his Facebook live video did nothing to affect his case.


Thousands turned up outside the Old Bailey to support Tommy but reading the fake news mainstream media today you would’ve thought that only a few hundred turned up and the Guardian reported just “150” had gathered outside the Old Bailey.

Sources have told Politicalite that over 1,500 turned up, we think even more and just look it this ariel shot from the courts yesterday – FAR more than 150.

When the media lie about numbers, it means they are scared and losing the battle – they keep fighting against us – but it’s only the mainstream media who will lose out, because in the days of social media we can see through there blatant lies.

Despite this, yesterday The Guardian and Sky News started to get the message (a little bit) and branded Tommy as a “Right-wing Activist” and not “Far Right”, something we have been using to describe Tommy since early 2018 – but by the evening they went back to branding him “Far Right”

The Blatantly Biased BBC – the former employer of Jimmy Savile, called Tommy the “Former EDL Leader” in their main headline – again smearing our working class hero and conjuring up their fake “Far Right” narrative.

Tommy told fake news hack Jason Farrell – who was highly criticized over his hatchet job on UKIP leader Gerard Batten and the DFLA that “He does not care whether his message “incites fear” of Muslims as long as it “prevents children from getting raped”

Sky and Farrell attacked Tommy bringing up Darren Osbourne – just as Tommy predicted, meaning more people will lose thier trust of the mainstream media.

Tommy commented on a case in Canterbury and said: “If I believe I’m morally right then I’m not bothered about what your law says.”

He said he wanted to warn people about the men on trial in Canterbury because they were on bail and he believed still posed a threat.”

“I believe that forewarned is forearmed. All I wanted to do was get a video of their faces and I want every single child and parent who lives in that vicinity to know what those men were alleged to have done.

“The judge let down the British public. Those men should have been in a prison cell.”

Challenged over whether he was attempting to demonise the Muslim community, Tommy told Sky: “To be honest with you, I don’t care if it incites fear as long as it educates the children and prevents them from being raped.”

Tommy was told by Sky how his actions could have prejudiced the jury and got the case thrown out, and he admitted: “At the time I wasn’t aware of contempt of court laws or rules.”

Robinson admitted that he’d asked his wife “Have you had enough yet?” when he was jailed in May 2018.

He added: “She just couldn’t believe what had happened again. It’s my children, I missed two of their birthdays.”

Tommy could face a maximum sentence of two years in prison if the judge finds him in contempt over the Leeds case.

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