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NHS BOSS: Emily Jones Death “Could Not Have Been Foreseen” Despite Failures 

A NHS boss in charge of a notorious Mental Health unit that treated Emily Jones killer Eltiona Skana has denied his trust failed the seven-year-old, despite the NHS flagging that the killer ‘was a threat to children’, but the warning was not passed on to other NHS departments. 

The Greater Manchester NHS Mental Health Trust headed by Neil Thwaite hit back at critics after failures by Britain’s state-run health system were exposed, leading to the death of Emily Jones, aged 7 by former mental health patient Skana. 

Skana, 30 was held TWICE as a patient at the notorious Mental Health unit at the Royal Bolton Hospital that was responsible for the death of a young mother years earlier. 

The trust was rapped by a court who said the unit was a ‘Failure’ after a 27-year-old mother, Sharlene Godding was found hanged after escaping from the Birch Ward at the Hosptial’s Mental Health Unit in 2018. 

Now an NHS boss Neil Thwaite, who is the chief executive of Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust told The Bolton News: “We treat incidents of this kind with the utmost seriousness and completed an internal rigorous review.”

“Whilst this identified learning for our services, the review found there were no markers of deterioration in Ms Skana’s mental state or behaviour which would have foreseen this tragic event. ”

A MENTAL Health Unit in Bolton ran by Greater Manchester NHS Mental Health Trust has been linked to failures that lead to the death of Emily Jones by former Mental Health Patient, Politicalite can reveal. 

Eltiona Skana, 30 murdered seven-year-old Emily Jones earlier this year in Bolton’s Queen’s Park, but the tragic death could have been averted if the NHS Trust had learnt lessons from the death of a Bolton mother in 2018. 

Eltiona Skana has been pictured for the first time since killing seven-year-old girl Emily

Sicko Skitzo Skana, who was described as an alleged ‘sex worker’ by a Bolton Council source, claimed asylum after being trafficked to the UK via lorry in 2014.

She was deemed a ‘threat’ to children but her NHS Mental Health carers weren’t told according to a leaked medical report. 

She was free to roam the streets of Britain despite a long history of mental health, violence and a refusal to take her anti-psychotic medication. 

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NHS staff knew that an illegal Albanian migrant who killed Emily was a “major threat” to children yet NHS carers who were monitoring Skana were not told by other NHS departments. 

A shock report revealed that the Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust that has a history of failure was responsible for Skana’s care. 

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In 2018 the NHS Trust was branded a ‘failure’ after a 27-year-old mother, Sharlene Godding was found hanged after escaping from the Birch Ward at the Royal Bolton Hosptial’s Mental Health Unit.


DRUGS, NEGLECT AND FAILURE: Exclusive Report INSIDE UK's Most-Notorious Mental Health Unit - Politicalite UK

A jury found that she was “let down” by the failures of medical staff to update risk assessments and to communicate with each other.

In 2018 Politicalite exclusively revealed that the Unit was was plagued by Class-A drugs including crack cocaine and revealed that drugs and counterfeit cigarettes were being openly sold to vulnerable patients.

We could save lives if we change UK drug laws and sell cocaine and MDMA in regulated pharmacies

A former patient who was admitted to the unit in 2018 exposed a magnitude of failings at the Unit after spending a short time on an infamous unit at the Royal Bolton Hospital.

In April 2018 the unit ran by Greater Manchester Mental Healh NHS Trust was branded a ‘Failure’ by a jury after 27-year-old mother, Sharlene Godding was found hanged after escaping from the Birch Ward at the Hosptial’s Mental Health Unit.

Mother of one, 27, who thought police helicopters were 'trying to get her' hanged herself | | Express Digest

A jury found that she was “let down” by the failures of medical staff to update risk assessments and to communicate with each other.

Our source inside the Beech Ward on the same site told us of continued staff failings, rampant drug use including the use of highly addictive Class-A drug crack cocaine and revealed that drugs and counterfeit cigarettes were being openly sold to vulnerable patients.

Our insider ‘Declan’ whose name we have changed to protect his identity told us that since he was admitted four weeks ago he has been to ‘hell and back’ and has received a shocking level of care comparing his the unit to a ‘Prison.’

Declan spoke of an institution of sedation over urgent mental health care and assistance, with patients often waiting HOURS for much-needed medication.

“I was admitted to the Beech Ward at Royal Bolton Hospital after an attempt on my own life,” Declan said.

The system of care starts at triage in A&E, where patients are told that the RAID team is being called – (Rapid Assessment and Intervention Department). After our investigation, we found that there is only ONE doctor who covers Bolton’s Mental Health wards and A&E at night.

Declan was left in Accident and Emergency for hours on end waiting for RAID. He said that there was ‘nothing rapid about it’ and that the team played down everything he described said to them. “Not because they don’t care, maybe due to lack of funding/understanding,” added Declan.

To get much-needed help, Declan was forced to tell the RAID team that he would attempt to take his own life again if they sent him away, Declan said that he had tried to kill himself FOUR times before he was finally admitted.

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Our insider was admitted as a ‘Voluntary/Informal’ patient but joked that the ‘Voluntary/Informal’ tag was said loosely ‘as there’s nothing informal about it.’

He claimed that he was held like a prisoner inside the Ward, describing a feeling of being left ‘to rot’ and wasn’t given any medical intervention for four days.

Declan explained that he was admitted on a Friday and said that the unit only does psychiatric reviews on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s meaning he was on the ward for three days before any mental intervention was put in place, It also took Declan four days to be granted supervised family leave from the ward.

During his four day ordeal, Declan was offered CRACK COCAINE and saw other patients smoking drugs he even revealed he found a bag of SPICE down the side of one of the chairs in the main living area.

He said some more sinister patients were preying on the vulnerable selling drugs on the ward including Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Zopiclone (Sleeping tablets) and Subutex (An replacement for Heroin used by heroin addicts.)

Declan told us that some of the patients were even selling counterfeit cigarettes for up to £8.00 a pack and letting them buy drugs and cigarettes ‘on tick’ until they’re paid either state-benefits or wages from sick pay.

He described the intervention as ‘A quick chat about how I’m feeling’ and then an upped dosage of his medication. He was then left for another week before he was seen again by a Consultant.

Declan claimed that one patient had the medication he was prescribed for TEN years stopped and when the patient had a ‘bad turn’ he was refused his medication.

He said the reviews should be daily because people like him have bad and good days, and sometimes they can self-harm meaning once a week isn’t good enough.

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Declan praised some of the front-line Nurses and added “whilst they do ‘Incredibly difficult job’ there are some staff who mostly congregate in the Ward’s office on their phones ignoring what is happening on the Ward and failing in their duty of care.

Declan revealed that the staff failed to stop a fight on the ward and to resolve the situation, they just injected patients with meds to calm the situation – instead of talking to the patients and helping them emotionally.

NHS bursary

He slammed night-time agency staff, adding that they do not have the knowledge of patients needs, often sleeping on the job.

Our source told us that visits with family and friends were badly planned and that there was zero-privacy with visits often taking place in front of highly mentally unwell patients who often disrupt much-needed and motivational visits.

Declan said that he was speaking out to change the system of care and to improve care for future young men like himself who desperately need mental health care, but are being failed by the NHS.

Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust declined to comment. 

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