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NO JUSTICE: Ex West Yorks Police Chief WON’T be prosecuted over Hillsborough

FORMER West Yorks Police Cheif will not be prosecuted for misconduct in public office following the Hillsborough disaster.

Four charges against Norman Bettison were dropped today by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) “following a review of the evidence”.

They related to the former West Yorkshire Police chief inspector telling alleged lies about his involvement in the aftermath of Hillsborough and the culpability of fans.

Norman said his continued insistence he did nothing wrong had been “vindicated”.

The case was centred on comments he had allegedly made surrounding both his role in the aftermath of the FA Cup semi-final tragedy and the involvement of fans.

The Liverpool Echo reported that charges accused him of “untruthfully”…

  • Describing his role in the SYP response to the Hillsborough disaster to Sir David O’Dowd, then chief inspector of constabulary, as ‘peripheral’ when applying to lead Merseyside Police in October 1998
  • Telling Merseyside Police Authority in November 1998, as part of that application process, that he had “never attempted to shift blame onto the shoulders of Liverpool supporters” for the tragedy
  • Saying, in September 2012, following the report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel, he had “never, since hearing the Taylor evidence unfold, offered any other interpretation in public or private” than that the behaviour of Reds supporters had not caused the disaster
  • Asserting, also in September 2012, he had never ‘besmirched’ LFC fans in relation to the tragedy

Misconduct in public office carries a maximum penalty of life in jail.

Had the case proceeded, Bettison would likely have faced trial next year.

96 people died in a crush at the Sheffield Wednesday stadium on April 15 1989 before an FA Cup semi-final.

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