OPINION: ‘Experts’ Predict Second Wave of Coronavirus in Fall

THIS year has been unlike anything we’ve seen before. Since the coronavirus outbreak in China –Wuhan, and the quick spread across the whole globe, people have changed how they live their lives.

Unfortunately, wearing masks and home isolation has been our new reality, and it is going to last since experts predict a second wave of coronavirus in Fall.

Covid-19 is a virus that doesn’t go well with high temperatures. So, with the high temperatures and humidity levels this summer, people hope that the coronavirus spread will drop. Since it shares most characteristics with as flu and the common cold, this statement makes sense just because they react in a similar seasonal pattern.

Covid-19 impacted the global economy, as well. Companies all around the world were forced to close factories and stores due to quarantine, and many people have lost their jobs. Currently, the best way to make money is through online businesses, but even they have face trouble functioning.

The situation will be much more serious in the upcoming months. If the coronavirus comes with a second wave in Fall and winter, it will coincide with the flu season. This means that there will be a lot of sick people that will put additional pressure on the healthcare system.

Learn from the Past

Experts are basing their thoughts about the second wave from past experiences with similar viruses, just like you would only bet on NFL games online if you had analyzed previous matches. If we compare the flu pandemic that hit the United States back in 1918, the first wave of infections occurred in March, followed by much more lethal second wave in October. The second wave was responsible for the most deaths.

If we compare Covid-19 to other viruses in the past such as SARS and MERS, they don’t appear in the same seasonal patterns. Some of them are very seasonal, and others not.


Studies showed us that people who are infected with coronavirus start to develop antibodies to fight against it within about 12 days if the immune system has the strength and durability to respond.

With the upcoming second wave, the only thing that can save us is a good immune system developed closely. 

However, does that antibodies are effective in preventing another infection?

And another important question is, how long do those antibodies last?

If the body’s immune system is strong and durable enough, it will be capable of contracting the virus the second time. As a result, the second wave of Covid-19 could be contracted by people with a good immune system.

However, if the immune response is not durable enough, the person who had an infection will be able to get infected again.

Prepare for the Outcome

The only trouble with the coronavirus is the weight it puts on the healthcare system. The crushed healthcare system was the only reason Italy experienced a collapse. Since all the medical personnel is fighting against the coronavirus, healthcare institutions don’t have enough capacity to heal regular patients.

In order to prepare for the second wave that experts predict it will happen in Fall is to improve our hospital capacity, remapping up efforts to secure protective equipment, and make sure every country has enough and adequate staff to fight the virus.

The truth is that vaccines will not arrive soon enough. So we have to take every action imaginable to prevent a more devastating spread in Fall when temperatures and humidity levels start to fall down. 

Final Words

The combination with coronavirus and seasonal flu will put a test on every healthcare system in the world. That is why experts predict that tough times are yet to come.

Unfortunately, this virus has become our reality, and there is no way we can make it disappear any sooner. We just have to prepare for what’s next and limit our social interaction.

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