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OUT IN THE COLD: Theresa May BANS Larry The Cat From Her Office



LARRY the Downing Street cat has allegedly been banned from Theresa May’s office.

It’s rumoured Larry has been banished from the PM’s office in a brutal ‘turf’ war and is said to keep his distance from the cold and frosty PM.

The claims were backed up in a 2017 interview, where ‘Cruella’ May revealed she is more of a dog person.

The Prime Minister tried to claim she was “very happy to see Larry”, but revealed, “we always had dogs at home rather than cats”.


The weak and unstable Prime Minister can’t even tussle ground back from Larry and revealed that he “rules the roost” in certain parts of Number 10.

This may explain poor Larry being forced to wait outside Number 10 to be let in, luckily a Met Police officer came to his rescue and knocked on the black door.

Poor Larry, Won’t 48 Tory MPs save him from this life of misery?

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