PAUL OAKLEY: It’s NOT Brexiteers who are the Fascists – EXCLUSIVE

BREXIT is “Racist”, we are told. Presumably for reasons of cadence and not illiteracy, it is also “Facist”, at least when it comes to online outcry.

The hard left certainly, and the moderate left, surprisingly, have explained the philosophy thus. Accordingly, Leavers believe in a corporatist European empire with territorial ambitions to the east, including Ukraine. Democracy abolished. A common currency, whether Reichsmark or Euro. Freiwillige troops within a pan-national army. Perhaps a concordat with the Vatican or an invasion of Abyssinia? Who can say? Not Jew-hatred though. The Marxists are keeping that for themselves.

The first Saturday in July, 2016. Thousands of Remainers marched in central London to condemn the democratic decision to leave the EU made nine days earlier. By succulent synchronicity, this was exactly sixty years to the very weekend when a prophet of a new empire had held his own Westminster rally. On 1st July 1956 Oswald Mosley, leader of the Union Movement and – your actual Fascist – set out once more his case for “Europe: A Nation”.

That visionary had first mooted the idea of a continental superstate in “The Alternative” of October 1947, prior to Schuman’s own Declaration and the timorous Treaty of Paris which gave birth to the Coal and Steel Community.

In March of 1953 Mosley launched “The European” journal taking the concept even further, some four years before The Six signed the Treaty of Rome. Then in 1958 he published his thoughts at length in the book “Europe: Faith and Plan”.

“A great, popular movement throughout all Europe could sweep away all frontiers and submerge all lesser questions. Defence, frontiers, economic difficulties, as we have already seen, all these questions can be resolved in the fiery crucible of the peoples’ will to fuse at last our divided countries into a new and greater entity of Europe.”

“Yebbut,” the socialists shall shout, “The EU isn’t ruled by a Fuhrer.” Nor did Mosley suggest that it should be.
“We need not lose much time,” he wrote, “in discussing the danger of dictatorship, because anything of the kind is clearly out of the question in an organism so large and so complex as Europe a Nation, or any form of complete union of the European peoples.”

On the contrary, he called for an elected European Parliament “either by the single constituency method of Britain, or by the proportional method more prevalent in other European countries.” Direct elections to the same were implemented in 1979, the mode of poll moving from first past the post to PR by means of the European Parliamentary Elections Act of 1999.

Mosley also demanded a common EU justice system. We are not quite there yet, even in the aftermath of the Lisbon Treaty. Yet on 19th July this year the Justice and Home Affairs Ministers met in Helsinki to further-develop the tools to create a common judicial culture.

As for Sir Ogre’s post-unification economic principles? A Keynesian Wage-Price policy has found little traction in modern Europe. At least within the Right.

Indeed, the Baronet’s concept of a Europe-Africa economic powerhouse has also fallen away. Until, that is, the UN Migration Compact of December last year which may have revived it. As well as humanitarian concerns, that Agreement had lesser-noted aspirations which advocate wider free movement of peoples for economic benefit. Regional and cross-regional movement of workers is to be facilitated through international cooperation arrangements, visa liberalization and labour mobility frameworks.

All EU member states signed up to the Compact. Except, that is, for the nine nations which are often perceived as more, shall we say, “problematic” by the liberal left.

Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty. As Herr Doktor Goebbels never said.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    October 8, 2019 at 08:40

    I pray Brexit will happen as we all are exhausted by the limbo we are in. Brexit will be exciting, challenging but successful. I predict in the not too distant future we will all be thankful we are no longer in the ‘club’s which is doomed.

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